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  1. Still sitting on my high horse for loving Thomas Rawls before the draft. I'll eat some for being so high on Shane Ray, but he's still got some time to turn it around.

  2. Congrats to Justin Trudeau, New PM of Canada.

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    2. 12isthenew18


      It's not like a three plus party hasn't been attempted. Constitution, Libertarian and green have been trying for years. A two party system is broken

    3. The Fish

      The Fish

      Prediction: He's going to be a disaster.

    4. Jim H.

      Jim H.

      ^^^Spot on^^^

  3. Lets go boys. Statement game here, lets get out their and play our hearts out.

  4. This was the huge win we needed to bolster our season and get the ball rolling. I've believed all along, I'll say it again, Keep a calm head we have an easy stretch coming up in our schedule and believe it or not we're not the worst football team ever.

    1. crazycolt1


      Finally clicked in the 4th quarter.

  5. As a guy who's usually against taking RBs in the 1st round, Zeke Elliott is very worthy of a first round pick.

  6. No chat for tonight's game?

  7. DeAndre Jordan pulling a Frank Gore?

    1. snkdy


      So much worse. They're holding him hostage lmao.

  8. Nba draft... Who's pumped??!?!

  9. Enjoyed another great Birthday this year! Excited to make the trip week 1 to Buffalo!

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    2. Jared Cisneros

      Jared Cisneros

      Happy Birthday to the top poster on Colts.Com! Hope you had the best one ever!

    3. southwest1


      Congratulations LIA! I hope you ate a moist & delicious piece of cake with ice cream on top or on the side LOL! [A Meg Ryan "When Harry Met Sally" movie joke reference.] :)

    4. RealityIsLuck


      Thank you all!!

  10. Congrats to the Warriors... Well deserved, just wished this series went to 7.

  11. I'm so close to being able to say Lebron's the GOAT in my opinion. If he can beat this GS team with the dump of a supporting cast he has.... I might be okay with it.

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    2. chad72


      Lebron's supporting cast is nowhere Miami Heat good or even Golden State Warriors good, IMO. Michael Jordan probably had one of the better supporting casts assembled, IMO. He had Pippen for defense, Grant and Rodman for the rebounding, and the spot up shooters like Paxson, Kerr and Kukoc during both his 3 year runs. Lebron is playing more like Magic Johnson but doing so at a high level, IMO.

      However, if his cast does not give him more help, he will wear out as the series goes on.

    3. SolomonThomasFanAccount
    4. RealityIsLuck


      Yeah you kidding me?!?! Lebron has Kyrie and KLove but they're both INJURED. He's playing with Delly, Shumpurt, Smith, Thompson and Mozgov. Horribly mediocre cast of role players. Especially if you compare them to the depth of GS. They've got Curry, Klay, Barnes, Dray, Bogut, Lee, Sieghts, Ezeli, Iggy, Barbosa, Livingston etc..

      I'm just saying it would be incredibly impressive if Lebron could win against a stacked Golden State team with that supporting cast.

  12. Not a Pacer fan, but they've overcome a damn load this year, for their sakes hope they snatch a W tonight and punch a ticket to the Playoffs.

    1. COLTS449


      I am a Pacers fan. I knew we'd struggle when George went down and we should have never let Stephenson go.

  13. RIP Elliott, you will always be missed :(

  14. Congrats to Duke, well deserved

    1. southwest1


      Duke won. Played a good game, but well deserved? That's debatable considering what fan section you were seated in. Coach K is well respected but whether or not Duke deserved it's 5th Championship is not a leap this Badger can make openly. I'm sorry. Let's just agree to disagree. Thank you.

    2. southwest1


      Coach K has reached a milestone in titles yes, but well deserved struck me the wrong way. He worked hard to achieve it sure, but it's not a royal coronation or birth right. Coach K is an elite coach yes, but no title is well deserved in any sport. He earned it. That's the best way to put it. JMO.

  15. Welcome back PG!!!!

  16. Just finished writing a piece on the Colts upcoming cap, and contracts for an HOUR AND A HALF and when I tried to post it, it refreshed and deleted. Oh my was I mad ahah.

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    2. BrentMc11


      I am laughing. Sorry. I did that one time and never did a blog again....so upsetting

    3. southwest1


      Yeah, I lost a movie review I wrote once & I'm not exactly a speed demon typist so needless to say I have a few colorful adjectives to declare in rapid succession outloud. LOL! Hang in there RIS. The worst part to trying to remember what you said without losing the flow of the ambiance you originally created the 1st time around. It definitely blows. Sorry man.

    4. RealityIsLuck


      Yeah, Definitely sucks! Oh well, happens to all of us.

  17. Got my PFF Account today :)

  18. Bye Bye, Gordon! Hello Day 2 of the draft!

  19. Lets go Pacers!!!

  20. Go leafs go!

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      hey reality, are you from toronto?

    3. RealityIsLuck


      Yea, been living here all my 22 years of life proudly a Canadian!



      haha nice, yeah im from toronto too, tough loss last night

  21. YEAA LEAFS!! Game 7!

  22. New Display picture, surprised it wasn't too bad for my expectations as I was just playin around when i made it.

  23. Building the monster! Grigs has things right! Smart man who I am very happy to have with us! #Coltstrong

  24. Today sucked at a standpoint of workouts and pick-ups compaired to the rest of the leauge

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