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  1. If Colts had selected RG3, I think Luck would have thrived in the Shanahan's system. The scheme attacks defenses and puts the QB in a position to succeed and the coaches get the most out of the skills of the QB running it. I didn't expect RG3 to have the type of year he has had in year 1, but I would have expected it from Luck given what he did at Stanford, particularly his junior year. I know you guy are ecstatic about Arians and your record, but I think the NFL is entering a new era of offense and Luck has the skills to thrive in it and the system they are running doesn't get the most out of the investment and they are running a classic vertical game without a great o-line and running game. I think it puts too much pressure on the kid with a lot of missing pieces. If Arians ends up with a HC job this off season, I think it would be a genius move to bring in Chris Ault from Nevada as OC for the Colts. Having a system that forces defenses to account for a dual threat from the QB on every play makes it a 11 on 11 game instead of 10 against 11 which most D schemes are based. Most importantly it pretty much negates the DE/OLB on most plays from the pistol. Not having to deal with players like JJ Watt with a premiere OT but with play design instead is priceless.
  2. Cam was a Pro Bowl alternate last year. As far as national sports media bias that goes to the AP NFL awards far more than the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl selection system is less flawed than AP's OROY and NFL MVP voting system. While it is true 1/3 of Pro Bowl voting comes from fans, 2/3 comes from players and coaches. The OROY of the year award and NFL MVP award are based on single votes of 50 voters who the AP selects as voters. Unlike the Heisman where voters select 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, OROY and MVP only get a single vote. Also the same voters who vote for OROY also vote for NFL MVP. Since they only can pick 1 name for each category, it is very unlikely for a voter to pick the same name for OROY/DROY and MVP or comeback player of year. AP's NFL award voting system is far more broken than the Pro Bowl selection system. There is a subjective bias involved either by the media voters for the AP awards or by the players/coaches fans for the Pro Bowl, but the Pro Bowl voting is a far more vast system with actual NFL players and Coaches voting. Here are a couple of articles from previous years that discuss the AP voting flaws: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/12/28/ap-explains-voting-process-for-nfl-awards/ http://espn.go.com/blog/afcsouth/post/_/id/7723/looking-inside-year-end-award-process Regardless, these awards will not determine who is better than the other, but if Colts fans are honest with themselves, they will acknowledge that they want RG3 to fare worse than Luck as to avoid an NFL version of the Sam Bowie/ Michael Jordan draft. The INT ratio and 55% completion percentage Luck has are huge red flags. RG3 has already arrived. Whether or not Luck becomes the next Peyton or Mark Sanchez is yet to be determined. He definitely has the skills, but has not shown much improvement since his junior year when Harbaugh jumped ship and seems to have regressed in recent weeks. I blame the Colts scheme. You have a 70% passer with an 8 yard per carry average his junior year now standing behind a bad o-line getting skittish and being forced into a scheme that doesn't maximize his skills . He would fare far better in Shanahan's, Harbaugh's, Carroll's or Bellichick's schemes.
  3. 55% completion percentage from the PAC 10/12.... Mark Sanchez.
  4. He will attend as an alternate. Marino and Bob Griffin are the only QB rookies to ever make it on the original roster.
  5. Not according to their peers, NFL coaches and fans voting. What should have been is debatable, what is not is that RG3 joined Dan Marino in an accomplishment that no other rookie QBs have ever accomplished in history.
  6. RG3 joins Dan Marino as the only 2 NFL rookie QBs to ever make the original Pro Bowl roster. That is pretty elite. In fact, it's far more rare than OROY which will have it's seventh QB to win the award this year.
  7. Before today only 1 rookie NFL QB in history, Dan Marino, had ever made it to the original Pro Bowl roster. Not really a snub considering history.
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