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  1. As a football coach if you think your guy isn't reading the option and is only guessing which way to go then he's probably not reading run or pass either. That's the one thing that will stop the option if everybody reads their keys and does their job. The issue is coaches that believe in the option believe you can't go 3 plays without making a mistake. And there's no way you could do it every possession. With that said the guy looks like a great addition at linebacker's position. But at the right price. He's not worthy of number 3 but I don't see him dropping out of the 1st round.
  2. I'll give Andrew 5 years 42 million. I'd say that's pretty good money for a guard.
  3. the reason he would be there is because the Cleveland Browns desperately need more talent in the quarterback room. The Giants need to decide who is going to succeed Eli. In the NFL if you don't have a quarterback you cannot win games.
  4. Presuming the Colts have a top 3 pick what do you do with it?
  5. Round 1 Pick 15: Haason Reddick, OLB/ILB, Temple (A)Round 2 Pick 26 (SEA): Obi Melifonwu, SS, Connecticut (A)Round 3 Pick 16: Cameron Sutton, CB, Tennessee (A)Round 3 Pick 26 (SEA): Sidney Jones, CB, Washington (B+)Round 3 Pick 42 (SEA): Chad Wheeler, OT, Southern California (A)Round 4 Pick 14: Jeremy McNichols, RB, Boise State (A-)Round 4 Pick 30: John Johnson, FS, Boston College (B+)Round 4 Pick 37 (COMP): Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, UCLA (B)Round 5 Pick 14: Daeshon Hall, DE, Texas A&M (B+)
  6. Alan if he's clean. Conley is next on the list. These two are far and above anybody else left on this list. OJ Howard would be a luxury pick.
  7. I would think that if anybody knows what Kansas City is going to do with Berry & Poe would be this guy. Also he should have a real good handle on the type of person type of work ethic and what drives them. Obviously that doesn't guarantee us anything but we know more now than the other 30 teams
  8. Give me two of these guys. One being Jones and either Chandler or Ingram or Poe. I don't see signing a guard the last two weeks though line has gotten immensely better with the right side starting three rookies. Re-sign Harrison, Doyle, Kerr, Butler. Then draft a defensive heavy draft with best player available as a secondary tiebreaker. I'd be fine with taking a corner in the first round and in the second round taking a running back/edge rusher
  9. NFL.com breakdown Antonio Morrison OVERVIEW This two-time second-team All-SEC pick is undersized, but extremely productive; he hit triple digits in tackles in 2014 (101) and 2015 (103, leading the team), and doubled his impact in the backfield between those two seasons, going from six to 12 tackles for loss. The fact he played at all this fall was a tribute to his work ethic, as he came back from undergoing multiple surgeries on his left knee to repair an injury from the 2014 Birmingham Bowl. However, teams will have to check into his background due to two arrests (punching bounc
  10. I like the Howard kid but I like the Dixon kid out of Louisiana just a little better. Extremely durable for your starter quicker than fast. That would be one heck of a rotation Ridgeway billings Henderson Perry Jones Langford. Even average linebackers should be able make plays with those guys in front
  11. I really like the TJ green pick. He's the 4th fastest secondary player in this draft. Has great size at 6' 2-209. He's a converted WR to FS. Has more interceptions than McKenzie Alexander. Ran faster. And longer arms. And taller. Has a much higher ceiling than probably DB left on the board.
  12. If you're watching ESPN's version of the NFL draft they interviewed his college coach and he admitted that it was him but it was a long time ago and not sure how it was uploaded onto his account.
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