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  1. 15 hours ago, conklincolt said:

    Football is a team sport. Your QB is only as good as your receivers, O line, and running game,not to mention your defense. Every single QB in this league is very very good (or they would not be here at all ). But some are just in a better situation than the others.  Take P. Manning for ex.  13 years and only 1 ring with all his greatness and stats it just unacceptable. Top 5 QB of all time with no defense, O line and bad running game. Getting the best QB does not make it any better if they do not have the right team.Period. 

    Every QB is NOT very, very good.  However, they don't have to be to win games, because like you said  it is a team sport.   And I agree, the best QB needs a good team,  but I feel like we have a pretty good team,  minus a QB (as it stands right now).

  2. 47 minutes ago, stitches said:

    He's not drafting a QB high. The most animated he got in this whole interview so far was to tell the journalists that drafting a QB will get them off his *, but the question is whether it will solve the problem. This by itself doesn't mean much, but just... something about the way he went about answering this question... it makes me think he's not crazy about the prospect of drafting a QB. 

    Basically said there wouldn't be a QB in the first round worth drafting at our spot.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, TimetobringDfence! said:

    I agree he is a great team player. But you always cant keep everyone. I honestly hope the talk of moving him to tackle is true. I think he could do it and it would help the team. Our three best linemen would be the tackles and center, then leterally and figuratively you fill the gaps.

    Yeah, we can find a good guard in the draft if he moves to tackle.  It might make the most sense for us.  If that were the case, we could focus on QB, DE, and MLB/Corner.

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  4. I feel like Rivers can be the man for us, just like Manning did for the Broncos.  Just needs to be that game manager and make smart decisions, and not try to carry the team on his back- that's when he starts to make mistakes.  Regarding our play off loss, it was an all around team loss.  The better team won.  I expect to see Rivers back next year, unless he retires.

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  5. 1 minute ago, csmopar said:

    my question is, who's calling the plays? Is it Frank giving crap plays from the sidelines, or is it Rivers checking into those plays? or someone else?  I don't see Frank going stupid from 2018 to now in the RZ.  Unless he's really bought into that analytic percentages game i mentioned above since then, the only thing that's changed is the QB.  Even with JB last year, we seemed to be better in the RZ than this year. 

    That's a fair question.  I'd like to know the answer as well.

  6. 2 hours ago, Nesjan3 said:

    To me Reich, his playcalling and the teams culture just doesnt have that killer instinct to close drives or games. It shows time and time again where we look unstoppable going down the field just to clam up and get cute in the red zone.  Same with games, we cant close simple. How many times this season did we only show up for 2 quarters. Thats culture and failure to prepare.


    Franks also needs to learn how to feel the game and not just make decisions strictly based on the analytic numbers. Honestly why dont we just have the analytics guy in their making decisions then. A head coaches job is to evaluate ALL the information available to him and make the right decisions. Not just read a stat off a sheet of paper

    I have to agree with this completely.  It does seem like Frank just uses stats to make his decision.  But I am hopefully he will learn and grow and become a better coach in the future, know that stat are only part of the decision making.

  7. 5 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    our target share to TEs absolutely dropped.

    and looking at the top 5 RZ teams, they all have more TE and Bigs targets. 


    Going to try and spit some stats out tomorrow. It's tedious stuff, and I want to dig in a few more areas.

    Hmm....not rocket science.  Go to your big guys in the RZ....lol.  Good find.

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  8. 14 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Thanks to a hot take by someone else, I've decided to dig into the Colts RZ offense a bit.


    There will be a part 2 with stats after I dig a bit tomorrow or the next day, but wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are pre-stats. I'll like do stats in part 2, and also a poll with everyone's opinion on causes.


    Not sure what's out there in terms of free stats on RZ performance (team and players), but I'll try and dig as much as possible. If anyone has any great sites with info, please share. I know teamrankings.com, nflsavant.com, PFR, Sharp, etc..


    I'll do a little comparison to past years (Colts centric), and also across teams. 


    In terms of my pre-stat opinion, my gut says 


    1) we didn't use Bigs (6-3 or more) enough in the passing game (I already know there was decline from past years in TE use)

    2) our rushing was mostly predictable. 


    So what are your thoughts on our 21st ranked RZ offense, and the causes? And also, any specific areas you want me to dig into?


    Just from a fan's perspective without stats, it feels like we did not use tall guys in the RZ consistently, and we had shotgun runs that killed us.

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  9. On 9/26/2020 at 1:11 PM, CurBeatElite said:


    Yes, that was a weird scenario all around.  Ballard, keep in mind, didn't get to choose his coach.  He was basically stuck with Pagano.  Ballard knew what scheme he wanted to run on D, which was different than Pagano.  Pagano was talking about Hooker as 'the next Ed Reed' (who played under Pagano when he was a DC in Baltimore).  Hooker really fit the Pagano mold.  I would not be shocked, if Pagano is still in a defensive coordinator position going into next year that Hooker went to whatever team Pagano was affiliated with, TBH.  

    I think I just saw today that Pagano retired.  I was wondering if Hooker would go play for him.  I guess that's out of the question now.


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  10. 47 minutes ago, NorthernColt said:

    Anyone who has twitter go look at his liked tweets. He's gone.

    Can you post the tweets that look like he's gone?  I couldn't find anything.  He's definitely a serviceable player IMO, not a game wrecker, but can tackle well.

  11. 9 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    What if we gave them 3 1st round picks in =2021, 2022, and 2023 and threw in Eason? Tempting right? Most would say Ballard would never do that but he would still have picks 2-7 in all those years + a franchise QB.

    With our luck, say we did that trade, Watson would get hurt the first year here..... JUST SAYING.....

  12. 12 hours ago, NannyMcafee said:

    Bob was definitely HOF good. I'd say if healthy would have been in DPOY discussion every year. Did he even have a weakness? Other than his obvious one of staying healthy. 

    To be fair, that kind of IS a glaring weakness.  Although not a safety, look at how dominant Watt was before his health concerns.  I did like Bob Sanders though.  He was definitely special.

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  13. 15 hours ago, compuls1v3 said:

    This topic doesn't have anything to do with your handle, does it?

    In all seriousness, interesting topic, yet I wouldn't trade our coach.  I'd be interested to see what he can do with our current team plus a good mobile QB + star wide out.  Rivers is good, just not mobile, and TY played well towards the back half of the year, but was non existent in the play off game.  T.Y. 2 receptions on 5 targets for 32 yards.

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