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  1. Happy. I know we wont get far in the playoffs, but at least we got in them.
  2. That game was hilarious. Good to see Sanchez mess things up for his team. Tebow did as well. Just nuke the team into oblivion.
  3. Cousins comes into the game and does RGIII's job. No one could replace Luck.
  4. Emma


    I hate Eli, so I'm going to say Giants are overrated.
  5. If we don't win, I might cry. We have to win!
  6. Like I keep saying, he's my favorite player. Love him. He should start.
  7. I was about to post a thread about this. It was a horrible idea to let him play. I'm seriously mad at that decision.
  8. I think we all know we're going to lose. If we win, we'll all be happy. If not, I don't think any of us will flip out.
  9. I am a Saints fan. I don't know what to think about all this.
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