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  1. Luck right now is playing with no weapons and we would still have tamme , collie, and i think out of all those free agents garcon would be the one they wont let go because of the year he has had, but the draft class of wide recievers is prety deep and they might be able to get one in 2nd or 3rd round that would be pretty good imo.
  2. Shotenheimer from the jets really. He is an awful oc, how could he be a great head coach. He would be a horrible decision. that jets offense has become worse since he took over and we are looking at drafting luck and look how he developed Mark Sanchez. He shouldnt even be a oc.
  3. Barkley is in a passing offense because he has talented wr. Luck doesnt have one wr on that team that will get drafted maybe one tight end would get drafted. Always be weary of a usc quarterback because the talent around them can make them look better than they are.
  4. is donald the starting running back now. he has been the only back consistently getting good numbers. Maybe if we werent losing every game maybe he could get more than 15 carries a game. I know nobody on this forum like him so hate on me if you want too but he has played better than any other back
  5. I know we went to the super bowl that year but if peyton got hurt two years ago then we would have had nudomakong suh as our starting d-tackle . now wouldnt that ave been something with him and freeney and mathis. wow.
  6. the good coaches can move on from injuries. I know we lost peyton, but look and Belichek in New England. He has lost his starting quarterback twice and has lead his team to a winning record ( Bledsoe and Brady). The good coaches move on from these even how good the player you lost was. And the play calling is horrible. You have the back up qb in and the running game is actually working why isnt donald or delone getting 25 to 30 carries a game. Whoever is your go to guy for that game should get a good amount of carries, because we have all seen what happens to painter when he is throwing all th
  7. this is amazing, people on this forum are not bashing donald brown. He has played better and addai is made of glass . I would rather have delone and donald as 1-2 in the future rather than addai. Brown has become a good blocker and is more explosive than addai so why is addai needed , that was the only reason they resigned him. And why does nobody say Addai was a bust for a first round draft pick, for a first rounder i expect 1000 yards rushing every year, he has done it twice. I know the oline has been bad and they havent run the ball much in the past. But Donald is running better with this p
  8. why dont you have a rotation of defensive ends keep 93 and 98 fresh at the end of games . it does kind of remind me of the hughes situation
  9. great idea didnt understand the hughes pick when it happened and he doesnt look comfortable with his hand of the ground , great idea
  10. im not a football coach but would press coverage help us on third down. Everytime on third down we are playing off coverage and the opposing wideouts are running short curls and getting the first down. If we press then would it stop those easy 3rd down pick ups. It would also help our d-line by getting them a little more time to get to the quarterback because in the titans game they had no chance because of the titans play calling. tell me your thoughts.
  11. miami will win a couple games this year , but where will the colts win games. Maybe the jags, but they just beat the ravens. So you dont know what will happen. And why wouldnt we draft luck, so we can trade the first pick and get a couple of first rounders and pick busts like we always do
  12. luck does it in a prostyle offense with absolutely no weapons. Compared to the spread with 5 wr out there on every play.
  13. I know that Caldwell couldnt help the injury to Peyton but being 0-6 right now just isnt good enough, we should have beat Kansas City. But he makes no adjustments and has no passion for the game. I love it when you see a coach as pumped up as the players.I know he went to the super bowl in his first year but that wasnt his team, it was dungys team. And i watched the saints game, and the colts defense played in the scheme they played perfect in the scheme but this cover 2 doesnt work. I see talent on the defense but the cover 2 is horrible and should have been gone years ago. Input your thought
  14. we can take someone else in the first round and take Mohamed Sanu in the early second round. This guy is tall and physical has good not great speed but gets no hype because he plays at rutgers. He has 63 catches through 7 games in an offense with no running game , a freshman qb, and no other wr(the next leading reciever has 14 catches and is there fb) check him out on youtube. He started as a freshman and returns kick offs and punts
  15. i would like to see us like up in an I formation for a 3rd and 1 and run it down the throat and get it
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