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  1. Last nights new was talking about potential taking the colts of the bid for the super bowl, I disagree with that move as well....The city benefits more from the super bowls than the colts organzation would. 

  2. my only issue with the game is how conservative we played. At the end of the first half there was 37secs ( I think) left on the clock with 2 TOs. I dont think the field position was horrible and we run it with brown then let the clock run..We could of at least got in FG range and been down by 4 or 5 I think at half instead of whatever the score was. 

  3. If you had to pick only one, what would it be and why? To me, it's Greg Manusky. Look at these scores we gave up throughout the season:


    Playoffs Week 1: KC 44

    Playoffs Week 2: NE 43


    Week 7: DEN 33

    Week 10: STL 38 (Rams ended season with 21st scoring... 30th in yds... 27th in passing yds)

    Week 12: ARI 40

    Week 14: CIN 42


    And this time, Special Teams played phenomenal for us, so these are legit defensive issues. Luck also rarely turned the ball over, except in the playoffs. Of those games, KC, Arizona, and St. Louis are not stellar offensively, and St. Louis is especially bad.


    We had a hard time with defensive adjustments and the same issues kept biting us, namely crossing patterns and failing to double team (ex. Andre Johnson). Our biggest issue was probably failing to stop offenses on 3rd down.


    If we let one guy go this off-season, I hope it's Manusky. I'm just not seeing anything out of this guy.

    you bring alot of points to the table...I might be alone with this, but i felt Pagano played 


    O-Line, OC, and DC nuff said.

    could HC be an issue, we had almost 40secs and 2 timeouts before half and we run the ball...if we go for a fg its a different game. Dont get me wrong or bash me. I love Chuck and what he brings but. How do you determine play call before half 

  4. I have heard local people in my area suggest we sandbagged the first half. I honestly dont think thats the case. If it was they didnt expect to be down that much at half time. I have watched the game on NFl Network Replay and seen the Defense really not in the game on a few plays - Example the McCluster catch for a first down, right before Smiths shovel pass to the Rb..Our D line man were walking around the line some and not really in any form of a stance...Not typical for a defense I dont think. So to go with your point we clearly didnt play our best and on some plays it showed it 

  5.  I just told one of my friends our key to success will need to be Run game and screen passes. The weather will be crap and passing the deep ball will not be a factor this week. I think its going to come down to pounding the rock with Brown and Trent. Trent is upset with his fumble last week so He will be running Angry ( could be a good Thing) I expect a lot of runs, screens, pistol formation, no huddle and short to intermediate passes. Bill is going to take TY and Fleener out of the game, he is also going to try and blitz luck. If we can run the no huddle, they wont be able to switch from their blitz packages to nickle or dime coverage packages. If we can manage to do the things on offense that i said, I think we have this game in the bag...the only way we lose is ST 

  6. Im not overlooking the Pats, but i'm worried about the Chargers in the AFC championship game, they are a really hot team right now and wouldn't be surprised if they beat the Broncos again.  

    I wouldnt be surprised either. Chargers will be tough to beat. I would think with the game at our house we have the better odds but They beat us in all three phases when we played earlier this year. Whats to say they cant do that again 

  7. Yes, Mr. Branch does. Why is that so shocking? Players past & present in this league often have more than 1 home in more than 1 location.


    Perhaps, you just meant that Branch's Hoosier state zip code made it easier to bring him into LOS & bring him up to speed faster with Pep Hamilton's offense which is a good thing for the Colts. 


    I like this move on Grigs part. Smart. 

    No I was more suprised because he has no ties here in Indy. He is from Georgia, He was drafted by New England and play several years there. Of all places he lives here...Just shocking I guess. I figured most player would go back home or maybe the place they were drafted at. 

  8. The branch signing has very little to do with his pats past imo. More likely;

    1. DHB is more than likely out for the rest of the postseason

    2. Branch lives in Indy

    3. We worked him out a month ago before rogers and whalen were reliable

    He lives in Indy? Really? 

  9. I think the schedule helped us.  KC was no pushover, but the guys really pulled through.  Houston and Jacksonville aren't that great, so I think those games were great to help us gain some confidence and try things like the no-huddle more often.  The OL has been blocking really well and the defense has been playing great, forcing several turnovers.  I think that all comes from the confidence they gained in the three game stretch.  I think momentum is overrated as it's something you see in the schedule, not on the field.  But confidence and lessons learned are definitely things that will carry over from week to week.  Bring on the Chiefs!

    I was at the game last night and notice our oline men getting man handled at times. I went home, rewatched the game over and It was nearly as much as I thought. Our online still got picked apart at times and good. Satele looked confused on several downs, AC got beat on 2 different running plays, I believe it was Gosder got beat on several of trents runs. It really didnt show with luck only being sacked 1 or 2 times and really no runs stopped behind the line. But it just showed me our line is still getting ripped but somehow very little pressure came after 

  10. Tannehill deserves a ton of praise for his performances over the last month. Over the last month, he's easily outperformed Luck. No way is he better, but if we're looking about the last little bit, he's been playing like one of the best.


    Tannehill's the most sacked, Luck's the most hit... same difference. They both get hit a lot. Both should get credit in that regard.


    Tannehill has beat some very good teams on the road, while receiving very minimal help from the offense around him. Mike Wallace did nothing outside of last week. You never know with Hartline. Miller has been useless at running back. Clay is the only constant, but he's not even that great. Everyone thinks Clay had a big game last week, but the fact of the matter is, his only catch was that big 4th down one. Tannehill has been getting all these wins while getting almost nothing.


    Luck, with all due respect, got those wins while at "full strength" with his star receiver and as we've come to find out, maybe the MVP of the team. Donald Brown has helped him a lot in certain games too. Luck's been up and down the last little bit, whereas Tannehill has been soaring high.


    Luck is still (easily) the better quarterback, but Tannehill has been hot and he's getting his due. He should be, he's turning into a hell of a quarterback.

    ok Andy i see your point and can agree with every point. Luck did get those wins with players like Wayne and also Bradshaw being a proven vet. The seattle game and denver, he really just had Reggie which is more than Tannehill has had all season. Im not hating on Tannehill by any means, just didnt really see the view baldinger seen. I have a better picture but still feel, the teams Luck beat are way more better compared to the three  Tannehill beat, but with saying that. Ryan is the star of that offense hands down. Might even be the best since Marino, not to Compare the Two but Ryan has had the most succes since Marino

  11. Weather is expected to have an impact on many games this year. what caught my attention or struck a nerve really is Bryan Baldingers mad support for Ryan Tannehill.  Recently uploaded on NFL homepage was a interview Eric Davis did with Baldinger talking about several teams with weather conditions this week. What got my attention was at the end of the interview they talked about Tannehill being sacked 51 times and beating -So called superb teams- he said those 51 sacks Tannehill took are remarkable. Went on to say that second year players feel the pressure you lose them, but luck is the most hit qb in the league right now and still driving a winning team to - a second seed-. he expressed Tannehill being able to beat teams like New England, New York, and beating Pittsburg. All while being able to collect another fourth quarter win. My point of making this thread is, Isnt Luck the most hit Qb in the league, Didnt Luck beat 2 of the NFCs best team in 49ers and Seattle, Didnt Luck beat the best team in the AFC in Denver, Doesnt Luck have the most 4th quarter wins in any second year QB ever. Why is Tannehill and the Dolphins getting a praise for Beating teams like Pittsburg, New England, and New York while Luck and the Colts have taken the best 3 teams and won in the league? sorry for the - - My quotation key doesnt work on my keyboard 

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