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  1. I hate the Pats, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet on them. Friggin' Pats in the SB again! I know I'll sound like I'm just a Pats hater, I admitted I am, but I would think the same team making it to the SB so many times has to bad for ratings. Maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Peyton is my favorite, but on the list, I went with Edge. I enjoyed watching him make cuts.
  3. Is the press conference available online? Got stuck on the phone and couldn't listen.
  4. I don't care so much that McDaniels won't be the HC, I always thought he was a jerk, so good riddance. I'm steaming about the fact the Colts passed up other possible HC candidates, hired staff for McDaniels, etc. No obsession over him personally, but concern over the mess in the wake of his shenanigans.
  5. I'm so mad about what McDaniels did, I had trouble sleeping last night. I wouldn't doubt he used the Colts as a pawn. Going through the steps of hiring staff, etc. only to coax NE to make him an offer (whatever it might be).
  6. Even if I didn't dislike NE as much as I do, I don't think I will watch, and certainly don't want them to win...AGAIN. Seeing them in yet another SB is just monotonous...boring. Besides, they will probably win. As much as I don't like them, I would bet on them winning.
  7. Debated with my father-in-law about this last night. Forget even calling him the GOAT (though, I think so). Peyton, IMO, is one of, if not the most single impactful player to ever play the game. Take Peyton out of the game, and the team (Colts or Broncos) went from contender to bottom of the pile. However, I will concede, Denver's D was key to winning against the Panthers. Imagine Peyton with a good all-around team for his entire career.
  8. Agree 100%. I don't care what's going on in your life, or how your day went. NEVER risk injuring or killing someone on the road because you're so stupid to try and drive while under the influence.
  9. My father just called only 15 minutes ago to talk about this weekends games. He said "what about that Matt Stafford...". I should have let it go at that, but I offered up the excuse "but he was playing against a bunch of back-ups". Technically, that's no excuse, but it was the first thing that came to mind.
  10. At least most of it was for me. Not only did the Colts lose, but they lost to a Georgia college QB. I have nothing against Georgia college QB's except that my father might like a team ONLY because the QB is associated with Georgia is some way. He will even root against my home team if the opposing team's QB is tied to Georgia. My dad is a big-time Georgia homer. EVERYTHING in or from Georgia is the best in the world! I'm sure he was snickering at the Colts loss. Also, NE won! Another big disappointment for me. Atleast a team I followed and rooted for last season, Denver, won and beat a team I
  11. I saw one with another little boy sitting in a car. Didn't see this one. Maybe I missed it.
  12. Thank you, Peyton. YOU are the reason I am the NFL fan I am today. You will be missed greatly.
  13. As it IS old news, there would be no other motivation except to draw attention away from Denver's SB win and Manning's second SB win.
  14. Like I said before, I came here to post my opinion of Cam as I know most here are reasonable. Whether or not you agree with my opinion, the discussion(s) would be typically thoughtful and intelligent. This particular thread was started after I responded to some posts on MSN. Many of the people there are so far out, it's ridiculous. I had to come here to vent. I'll start another thread to touch on what one kookoo person said. it won't be a thread "piling on" Newton. It will be a thread about kookoo people on MSN threads.
  15. The piling on does continue, but not everyone has constancy participated in the "piling on". Personally, I think I'm done with my comments. I might have to bite my tongue if Cam Newton continues to, IMO, not be a professional (and make controversial comments). He did rub a lot of people the wrong way, so we shouldn't necessarily jump on someone coming here to vent. Again, not everyone that might want to vent down the road has participated in all the "piling on" on this forum. So we should allot them the opportunity. Newton is a polarizing person, you either dislike him, or you love him. There
  16. I didn't think you really mean, I didn't either when I "Liked" your post. Sometimes I think I want to smack someone, but I would never really do it. At least I don't think I would...maybe.
  17. If only for you, I hope they do too. They have the talent.
  18. I'm going back to the MSN threads...
  19. I meant to quote you in my last post, so take a look at it as it applies to you too.
  20. I certainly didn't mean to contribute to anyone's negative feelings about this forum. I've been reading (and responding) to too many posts on the MSN articles. It's difficult to have a reasonable conversation there. I felt I could come here and express my opinion(s) without upsetting anyone. And my comments are just that, opinions, but I try to back them up with logic. So, if I made anyone feel negative in any way, I apologize. However, my opinions stand. And the Andy Griffith video is all in fun, although there's some wisdom to be garnered from it.
  21. I'll try and dig something up on Watt.. Just kidding...
  22. Eli's expression would be a good topic. That was hilarious.
  23. LOL, Exactly! When I first logged on, I thought "what am I going to talk about"...then I saw the article about Cam's cleats and off I went...
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