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  1. @larryelder That makes me happy.

  2. RT @ltsDoge: Wow Such king Very bow tie Much classy https://t.co/TGTYV1DqO1

  3. RT @rowdy_tt: @rasalom666 Here's facts: Rubio goes to Aspen Institute funded by Soros. That's #NWO 101 . Globalist all the way @jasian123…

  4. RT @MartysaurusRex: Heath Miller will forever be one of my favorite TEs. The game lost a true complete TE. Thanks for being a great exampl…

  5. @Girlcfessions @HoldThisBeer No.

  6. RT @Things4WhitePpl: Peeing in the shower

  7. RT @ltsDoge: Wow Such carte So store Many shop https://t.co/nGd67KUuNh

  8. RT @dannykanell: Kinda bummed. Apparently I wasn't as good as Brady or Manning as some people pointed out the stats to me.

  9. RT @Writeintrump: I make one negative comment about Glory Holes and Lindsey Graham gets back at me by endorsing @jebbush.

  10. RT @ltsDoge: Wow So minnie Very mouse Such disney Much dressup https://t.co/FC7oVWpBep

  11. RT @tgradous: The Green Beret Discharged for Beating ➡️ Afghan Child Rapist ???? Speaks Out https://t.co/sSo9iXgYKr ⏩ #ItIsAboutIslam https://…

  12. RT @Shgamha: They really coexisted with him... https://t.co/W0GjcRFSmP

  13. RT @cristinalaila1: Phone calls flooded in from angry parents over Islam assignment, school shut down #IslamIsTheProblem https://t.co/LTxJh…

  14. RT @infowars: #Obama working on executive action aimed at #2ndAmendment, admin. says order will be ready in short order. https://t.co/WKcyB…

  15. RT @Talkmaster: Been noticing that more and mor TV ads are aimed at single mothers -- no father acknowledged. The new American norm?

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