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  1. The Colts are 9-4... coming in from a 2-14 season. With a Andrew Luck as QB and very likely to break every rookie record except Peyton Manning's rookie touchdown record... This should be a lock... Nobody thought the Colts would finish with more than 8 wins this season.
  2. He will always have high praise for him because he did nothing and Peyton was the one controlling everything. Peyton loved having control, Jim Caldwell teams without Peyton are not good, just look at Indy last year.
  3. Denver will win this one. Peyton Manning (remember him) plays for Denver, Von Miller on the defense. Nough said
  4. Whoosa. get rid of the stress on the heart. ( Bad Boys reference)
  5. I think they are out of this world overrated, I fully expected them to lose against the patriots. We can beat them too, if we can slow down their pass rush.
  6. Get well soon coach, I hope and pray for you to return to good health and I know you will soon. We await patiently for your return to the sidelines.
  7. We can win anybody in the league, If we play to our best and everything goes our way. And if we are at home then anything is possible.
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