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  1. Why does the poll say ND 1-6. Am I missing a inside joke?
  2. I think that's a fair question to ask.
  3. There's like 18 choices in this poll. How can you be torn? Also, the Colts aren't tanking.
  4. Also, fwiw Trubisky is a FA. The Bears didn't pick up his option last yr.
  5. The Texans aren't trading Watson to the Colts under any scenario. Imo
  6. What's your Plan B? Just in case this Frank Reich trade falls through.
  7. Shouldn't we wait until they actually are eliminated before we start to look at silver-linings. Seems a bit premature.
  8. I agree. OT should have been addressed in last years draft. Also, imo not retaining Joel Haeg was a mistake.
  9. All your posts have alluded to losing. That was my point.
  10. Give it a rest. The Colts are going to lose, we get it. How many more reasons "why" are you going to give us. Unbelievable
  11. They had 1 de-commit. Does that equal a "bunch"?
  12. I meant to say Tak has had a couple concussions.
  13. Titans had a couple concussions already. That what worried me.
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