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  1. So MLB and NBA can do it (watching both live right now) but the NFL won't be able to pull it off?
  2. I was born and raised in Michigan. Bert Jones was the reason I became a Colts fan (instead of a Lions fan). So that worked out well!
  3. I'm just not sold on turning the team over to Eason so soon. That sounds like 6-10 next year. A step back. We have a solid team with studs entering there prime. Strike while the irons hot. There's no guarantee Eason even is the future. Tennessee ditched there future (Mariotta) for * Tanneyhill and it worked fine (cause they had a team in place). We have a contending team now and I don't want to wait 2-3 yrs for Eason to be ready. Well built teams bringing in veteran Qbs is starting to become a trend (Manning/Brady/Rivers/Tanneyhill). Just my opinion
  4. Thanks for a rational post. I didn't read anything that says he done after this year. A high school coach in "waiting" is what I read. If things go well this year (which I think they will) he'll be back for another year.
  5. Imo, @Tenn and @Hou will be more difficult then the Vikings and the Raiders.
  6. How could division games vs our two biggest rivals in the 2nd half of the season "get to boring"?
  7. Maybe. Not the Sunday I'm talking about though.
  8. I hope we play Cincinnati to open the season. Welcome Joe Burrow to the league. Kinda get our "sea-legs" going for the rest of the season.
  9. Just thinking out loud, will the roof be opened at LOS for all games? Seems like that would be safer considering the circumstances.
  10. I heard that too. I hope the Saints crush em
  11. Addai/Rhodes should have been co-mvp for the SB instead of Peyton. Not complaining, it was still glorious
  12. I think we're going to have this discussion for awhile. We're close to having a complete team, and Rivers is going to play well (gut feeling). Clean pocket, running game, defense. Let him manage the game. I think he's the starter next year (another 1 yr deal). Imo I think that's what Ballard is hoping for.
  13. I wouldn't retire during preseason.
  14. Nice way to take a pot shot at UM with your "poll". I like your polls, but try to keep your questions relevant.
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