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  1. Tracey Porter drops the ball instead of the pick six in SuperBowl XLIV.
  2. Haven't had this much interest in the return game since the Clarence Verdin days.
  3. If I had to pick one at the 2 1/2 year point in their careers I would take Manning for his ability to diagnose a defense, but I would make sure to invest in decent defensive players too.
  4. Ryan Leaf...oh wait...wrong QB. ;)
  5. I just hope we add the right pieces on both sides of the line in the off season. If it wasn't for our fortunate draft pick in Andrew Luck our rebuilding period would be much further away. It's amazing to think we've gone 11-5 the last two seasons with a roster that really doesn't have a ton of talent. I am just concerned that we've traded away (Richardson) our chance of finding someone who could contribute right away in next year's draft.
  6. I respect your point of view, but I want to see Peyton with another ring. I just wish it was with the Colts.
  7. I like Mayock, but sometimes he gets me scratching my head with his comments. My favorite was when he was praising Mike McGlynn and called him a "mauler."
  8. Interesting speculation, but I'll stick with what we have.
  9. I am worried about the Jags this week. The Bengals are the team that worry me the most in the AFC.
  10. DHB needs to sit, he can't create separation, he keeps trying to catch with his body and not his hands, and he has stone mitts. I keep hearing that he stays extra for time on the jugs machine, but it doesn't seem to help. Give someone else a try
  11. The Colts don't look like they were ready for anything tonight.
  12. Vickerson should get a gameball from the Colts. That is if they win.
  13. I am no expert, but it doesn't seem like DHB is able to create separation from the corner in man coverage. He does well if he finds a spot in zone coverage.
  14. I remember really liking Mike Prior before he went to Green Bay.
  15. Don't know if any of these are repeats: Ben Utt, Randy Dixon, Matt Bouza, O'Brien Alston, Ray Donaldson, Jason Belser.
  16. to use a Ron Meyer-ism..."He was a ball in tall weeds." He never looked comfortable on the field.
  17. I think he should be first ballot, but I have my doubts whether he will be. I do think he will make it in eventually.
  18. Good assessment of the team. It will be interesting to see how well the defense gels and if the Colts are on the right track. On paper it looks good, but I'll be eager to see how well they are doing halfway through the season.
  19. Powers might be one of those guys who excel in Cover 2 defense, but with the change in scheme this year he might not be able to make the adjustments.
  20. I think it's just ironic that the Patriots are now what the Colts use to be in 2003.
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