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  1. Make another wildass bet like the Dallas game, before this weekend. If you win again, I'll be calling you and betting on your latest glimpse into the future.
  2. Hehe...What do you think of Vinatieri's then?
  3. I don't know about him, but I like mine, medium well. The breast was pretty good but the legs were a little tough.
  4. I felt exactly the same way but now I say; sign him even though he seems more accurate from 50 than he does on extra points.
  5. Odds are creeping lower. Our book now has the Colts at -2.5. With the standard 3 pts. for the home team....well, let's hope the crowd at LOS lives up to it.
  6. 3 and 3 ST. He was on the field when Pascal caught his TD.
  7. Johnny Unitas wasn't before my time. Of all the great QB's the Colts have had, Bert Jones is still my favorite!!
  8. When you bet with your heart instead your head, I guarantee you'll end up somewhere south of even....FYI, we were cheering for the Colts, Probably louder than you.
  9. I happily lost $100 today! I don't think I've ever seen Andrew better. ...I guess I broke even cause the Colts won their 7th game and I took the over on the season future wins at 6.5. Ravens got beat...Denver's way behind at half...and the Pats lost on the ol multiple lateral play...A great day!!!
  10. I hope he can make it into the building without getting hurt.
  11. I think we lose out or maybe beat the Giants. 7-9, at best.
  12. I think they'll play as tight as the Jags did because we have nobody, beside TY to stretch the field. Being able to establish a decent running game is our only hope. If not, Watt and Clowney are going to raise hell. As far as the win streak is concerned, we did it against teams with a combined record of 22-38. Not one of which is over .500.
  13. With the whitewashing of the Colts factored in, the Jags D still averages giving up 20.3 PPG. The Texans average is 19.6.....The Texans Offense averages 25.2 PPG....The Jags, 16.9.. With the Colts O sputtering, this game does not look good.
  14. Jared, I know what you're saying but we need at least 1 more win. We took the over on the season future's at 6.5 wins for the Colts. I started getting edgy during the Miami game and now I feel that the bet is in serious jeopardy. Ugh.
  15. Of course it's not the end of the world, but it probably is an end to playoff hopes.
  16. Which game? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we lost them all.
  17. Swoope is back to normal....DNP in today's practice.
  18. #1- Luck #2- The entire O-line #3-Leonard #4-Hilton #5-Ebron
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