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  1. I think they already have. I don't look for the Jags to play to play hard, feeling that Luck may keep them >>>ed for another decade. Look for another IR or 2 in Jacksonville. The only good news about this is, Luck will end up in the NFC.
  2. I didn't say we should tank or do I believe for one minute that we would. I'm saying I hope we lose. You say it's NOTHING to lose the chance at Luck. I say; you must be out of your mind.
  3. The Vikes may beat the Skins or the Bears, but the Rams have little or no chance at beating the Steelers or 49ers. We can't win out.
  4. I don't want the Colts to win another game. I realize there are no guarantees. Schlicter and to a much lesser degree, George proved that, but here's why we need to draft Andrew Luck. The following is a list of Colts QB's that have started at least 1 game for the Colts in the 16 yrs. between the Bert Jones era and the Peyton Manning era....Mike Pagel, Mark Hermann, Art Schlichter, Matt Kofler, Jack Trudeau, Gary Hogeboom, Blair Kiel, Chris Chandler, Tom Ramsey, Jeff George, Jim Harbaugh, Don Majkowski, Browning Nagel, Craig Erickson, Paul Justin, and Kelly Holcomb....... GO HOUSTON!!!
  5. He knows we're 0-13, and likely ending up, 0-16. He doesn't need to know a hellava lot more!
  6. Hammer


    Darn right he did! The last pre-season game he looked great and would have been better if Taj hadn't dropped a few.
  7. I can just see Kravitz smiling as he sits down at his keyboard....cracking his knuckles.
  8. Donald has been fighting hard. I'm pleasantly surprised and happy for him.
  9. I didn't either.....but then, that's not terribly surprising because the only time I've noticed him all year is when he's dropping easy catches.
  10. After a season of watching this charade, he may be working on the outline of his retirement speech.
  11. I wish you were serious, Bav. However, it probably wouldn't do any good, because, like some other posters noted, our super cool owner would be too busy on Twitter or ebay to notice what's taking place.
  12. I think someone already has. Unfortunately, they forgot to cut eyeholes but instead just painted some confused looking eyeballs on the bag.
  13. There are no words in the English language to adequately describe how utterly pathetic this football team truly is! Time for the bags.
  14. If I ever see that bonehead on the field again. it will be too soon.
  15. I went to bed and was awakened by my son going crazy downstairs. I was just about to raise the roof on him when he came running upstairs and told me what had just happened. At first, I didn't believe him. Then, my ex-wife called.(Super Colts fan) She gave me #%$* for not watching till the end.
  16. I was hoping Mike Curtis was coming out of retirement.
  17. Here's your answer Jimmy!.....Because Reggie, Gonzo, Austin, and Pierre are slow.
  18. You better be.....we're watching you like a hawk! ;)
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