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  1. My nephew has had the NFL Ticket for 5 years and has remodeled his garage into the ultimate Colts cave. We always have 8-12 Colts fans for every game. The only thing missing has been listening to Lamey do the live play by play. Will no longer be missing. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Late December may not be the best time for a game in KC, but we'll be there.
  3. Not to mention, a couple of times in the mid-seventies.
  4. If he wins a couple of SB's in Denver, I wouldn't be so sure of that.
  5. How would you feel if Peyton had done the same thing to the Colts? Both teams were pathetic. Isn't the idea of drafting #1 supposed to help the downtrodden improve? Was the "Franchise" in great shape prior to Peyton? I'm not so sure the Colts would still be in Indy if Peyton would have pulled an 'Elway'.
  6. I'm an old Colts fan who still can't get past Elways refusal to play for the Colts. I wish Peyton would have picked any of the other teams. As it is, unless a Broncos victory would help the Colts, I hope they lose every game.
  7. Unless it directly impacts the Colts, I hope he loses every game!
  8. Congratulations! You've moved from simply placing your foot in your mouth, to placing your foot and it's receptacle deeply into the south end of your alimentary canal.
  9. Recollection isn't much different. However, the definition of "insignificant" most certainly is!...By the way, look inside Lucas Oil and I'll bet you'll see many Divisional banners.
  10. I recall, all right. I recall the Colts going from 2-12 in 1974 to 10-4 and winning the Div. in '75, '76, and '77. Unfortunately, they banged up against the Steelers and Raiders in the playoffs those years. I wouldn't consider those Colts teams, "insignificant."
  11. The thought of Peyton "uniting" with Elway almost makes me vomit. If it happens, I hope Peyton never wins another game!
  12. For me, Peyton being released was much tougher than Unitas being traded. I remember well, wishing Johnny U. would retire. He was a long way down the other side of the hill. Robert Irsay was reamed for making the tough calls re: an aging Colts team even though they were only a couple of years beyond a SB win. That house cleaning resulted in relatively short order, the Bert Jones teams that provided a great deal of excitement for Colts fans.
  13. I'm going with Luck. I already have a Manning jersey, a Manning jacket, jerseys of Wayne, Freeney, Garcon, Mathis, Brown, and a throwback Unitas. It would appear that my Colts wardrobe may be dramatically reduced.
  14. I'm an old man who has watched a great many changes in my life as a Colts fan. Many of them hurt a great deal....Unitas going to the Chargers, Bert going to the Rams. Yes, even the Colts leaving Baltimore. The only thing that softens the blow is; look at the Horseshoe...and believe that one day the Colts will be back. For all of you people who claim they're no longer Colts fans, I contend that you never were. Please send me all of your Colts gear. I will proudly put it to good use. Peyton was/is imo, the GOAT. I wish him the very best of luck and hope he continues his career in the HOF manner
  15. I'm assuming you believe Unitas was the greatest. I mentioned that Bert was my "favorite" all-time Colt. They were both great but I believe they both stand in the second rank behind Peyton.
  16. I'm a little older than you, cause I remember Unitas in his prime. With that said; Bert Jones is still my favorite Colt of all time! The greatest arm , EVER!!!
  17. My all-time favorite; #7 Bert Jones!
  18. Peyton said he was surprised, shocked, and disappointed by the Polians' firing.....Irsay said in his press conference, it's the end of an era and the start of a new one. My gut is starting to feel that Peyton may be gone. I hope my gut's wrong.
  19. As Luck will have it, I'd better learn how to play D-tackle.
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