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    What???? It means this team is learning how to win and the youngsters are having fun doing it.
  2. That was the Jags game. I almost had a stroke!
  3. Bert was my all-time favorite Colt but I think you may have misquoted Coach B. I thought he said that Bert had the "strongest arm" of any QB he had ever seen.
  4. Happy to quote myself and lose a hundred. Our Colts cave was absolutely going wild and nobody more than me! My throat is still sore this morning. What a game!!!
  5. Right now, the spread is the Packers by 7 1/2. Going to put a hundred on the Packers to cover. GB 34 Colts 17.
  6. Hammer

    I miss

    Is that the game where the players randomly vibrated around the field?
  7. Soooo, what you're saying is; "there's still a chance."
  8. Baltimore: Jones, Unitas, Mackey, Lenny Moore, Raymond Chester Indy: Manning, Marv, Reggie, Dickerson, Bob,
  9. I already have 1 warning point, so anyone who laughs at their own *ic post, probably isn't worth the second.
  10. Sadly, it's time to let him go. He's going to be another one of those; 'If only', players.
  11. I remember a little bit about that team. George Blanda was their QB. They also had a fullback named Charley Tolar, aka, "The human cannonball."
  12. Bob was my favorite too. I know this is 'Bob' thread but I think we should also mention that Rob Morris finally replaced Gilbert Gardner about the same time as Bob's return. Morris played great during the SB run as well.
  13. My nephew just got off the phone with Directv. He told them, "I've been a loyal customer for 5 years and never been offered any kind of deal. I want to terminate my subscription now and I'll sign up again later so I can get your new customer deal....They ended up giving him the package this year for free!!! YES!!!!! We thought about asking for an Evil Knievel pinball machine but decided not to press our luck..
  14. What????? LaVerne and Shirley, both got picked up?!?
  15. Consider yourself lucky, it was only one night!
  16. I fly the American Flag every day and night....yes, it is illuminated at night. I fly the Colts flag on game day.
  17. Bert Jones, followed by Peyton, John Mackey, and Unitas.
  18. What a year that was!! Bert and the Colts gave Colts fans a lot of great memories for 3 years running.....If only Bert hadn't gotten hurt.
  19. Over. In fact, I'm putting money where my mouth is. Predict an 8-8 season.
  20. I just remembered, the plane crashed in '76 because the '75 game was in Pitt..
  21. Yup, it was the Steelers. We lost to the Steelers again and the Raiders the next 2 years to end the run. The plane crashed 'IN' Memorial Stadium.
  22. Probably not the greatest but I like to think about Bert Jones' '75 Colts. They were 2-12 in '74 and were 1-4 to start the '75 season but won their last 9 games to finish 10-4 and win the division.
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