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  1. You're absolutely right! This team is going nowhere, fast.
  2. This team is unwatchable. I'm turning it to the History channel.
  3. Is your avatar a picture of Tony Lorick?
  4. I wonder how difficult it would be to hang a few microphones around the press conference room so we could hear the questions. It's highly annoying trying to figure out some of the questions.
  5. I agree. I made the comment during the game, that this was as bad as the 41-0 pounding at the hands of the Jets in the 2002 wild-card game.
  6. For those of you who think that Bavanlan is a *, or question his sanity, I would suggest you not poke the hornets nest too long or you could be on the receiving end of a literary stinging you won't soon forget....Bav was a regular poster on the old forum and I miss his intellect and wit/sense of humor.
  7. Pagano had his head up his butt!
  8. "Willie".....or Unitas with the Chargers.
  9. .....unless he goes in as a Bronco.
  10. I hope it was and has been an injury, otherwise......
  11. Seven years ago, my nephew turned his garage into the ultimate Colts cave. We have between 6 and 20 Colts fans at his place for every game. Prior to this, we used to go to a sports bar that was 30 miles away and always proved to be quite an ordeal. My brother, myself, and our sons sing in the Church choir. The second service started at 11:00. I wonder what the neighbors or anyone driving by our Church thought when they saw 4 guys flying out the side door of the Church at 11:20, making a 60 yd. dash to the annex, all the while ripping off our gowns exposing Colts jerseys. They may have been equ
  12. Very inspirational!.....I wonder if his Dad wants to play too?
  13. 'Colonel Klink' as Werner Klemperer in 'Hogan's Heroes'.
  14. I just hope the FO doesn't feel compelled to play Satele because they gave him a relatively fat contract. Follow the Zibbi lead and not Gilbert Gardner.
  15. Hammer


    I got my body by doing nothing. Of course, I'm old, weak, and fat.
  16. Nickname from my coyote hunting friends.
  17. I'd still take him in a heartbeat. I heard all the same crap about Moss before. Well, the Patriots picked him up and how many records did he and Brady break?
  18. Live in South Dakota and been a Colts fan since 1958. (yup, a bandwagon jumper) I know of at least 20 Colts fans from our tiny community of 2000, many of whom are as old as I am. Working hard on the 3rd generation to replace my brother and I when we check out!
  19. It was the '68 season, the Super Bowl took place in Jan. of '69. Thanks for the correction on which Super Bowl. Major brain fart on my part.
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