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  1. Marv, Eric Dickerson, John Mackey/Raymond Chester, Lenny Moore.
  2. I live in South Dakota. I was 5 years old in 1958. My older brother was a crazed Colts fan and I remember watching him, watch the '58 Championship game. I jumped on the "bandwagon" then and there. By the way, my brother and our sons still get together for every game and have since the advent of the NFL Ticket.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the concussion happened when Bethea went hat to hat with Landry.
  4. Hammer

    Donald Brown

    Watch the video again of his fumble. He quickly saw Andrew with the ball and made a block from the ground.
  5. I thought so too but we'd rather stare down TY, Griff, or Fleener rather than maybe trying to target Rogers. However, it's tough to target him if he never gets on the G..D... field.
  6. No matter who you pick, I don't see how anyone can be wrong.
  7. We were at the game last year and in the shade. I was more concerned about a different part of my anatomy getting frostbite. Those shaded, frozen, plastic seats didn't make for a very comfortable afternoon. I still can't believe we won that game.
  8. Congrats to one of my all-time favorite Colts!!!
  9. Sounds to me like they're taking it very, very, seriously.
  10. I just hope he doesn't turn into Da'Dick.
  11. Big deal. Talk about a big fish in a small pond.
  12. Place a big fluffy pillow inside of DHB's jersey and we'll move the chains. Who cares if he looks like a department store Santa.
  13. I hope you're just being a homer. However, if you're actually betting that way, I'd like some of it.
  14. Colts at home since the Denver game, hasn't exactly been a brilliant beacon of light either.
  15. Your "old" stuff must be working better than mine. I tried it against Arizona by digging out my Unitas jersey. I guess old Johnny is going back in the closet.
  16. I agree, but seeing half the field is still 100% better than seeing none of it.
  17. Roll Luck out every time. Those clowns couldn't block me.
  18. Probably the proper way for a fan to look at this, however, it looks as though the Colts have taken the same attitude.
  19. They will come out and say; "We just have to play Colt football." Of course, it could be argued that they are!
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