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  1. Not really. There must be all kinds of undrafted DE's we can plug in at OT.
  2. Yup, there will be 700 on the streets after today and that's where the vast majority belong. I don't see any problem with finding a quality O-lineman in that mob. You say, we don't need that "cancer." You're right, as long as we have plenty of undrafted DE's that we can plug in the O-line to open holes and protect Andrew.
  3. In Harnish's defense, I think it might be impossible to field a more pathetic O-line than the one that's in front of him, on him, behind him.
  4. The "Mad Dog" without a doubt!! It still blows my mind that Shula drafted him as a fullback!
  5. I thought of Dickerson too, but he only had 2 great years out of 4 with the Colts. With that said, I still think he was the best RB we've ever had.
  6. Is anyone else tired of trying to guess the questions during Colts pressers? I can't believe it would take that much effort or money to properly mike the pressroom to solve this issue.
  7. No news is not good news, imo. I hope they're not getting 2nd or 3rd opinions. After the game, Pagano said he would be getting the MRI Friday morning. They should know by now.
  8. I would just like to hear that Laron (Charmin) Landry practiced once before the games start.
  9. I think '1yard' may be on to something. ,In 2 yrs., T-rich's best ypc was 3.6 and his longest carry was 32 yds. In those same two years, Donald's best was over 5ypc and a 51T. T-rich's longest reception was 27yds. Donald's was a 33T. T-rich's 11 rushing TD's with Cleveland would indicate getting the rock a great many times near the goal line. It also most certainly lowered his ypc. Maybe the best indicator would be if someone could figure out the stats between the 20's for the last two years. Could be that T-rich is a relatively fast FB or an average RB with power.
  10. We have the best scouts in Canada....Well, at least, the most.
  11. A few years ago, the Indy fans may not have abandoned the Colts, but a great many abandoned LOS after just one losing season during the Peyton era. (Thank you Mr. Painter ) Didn't we go from a waiting list for season tickets to a great many available? Even though we live a thousand miles from Indy, my brother, nephew, son, and I seriously considered buying season tickets, banking on the hope that we were going to draft Luck! If I recall, wasn't there a near blackout in Indy last year for the playoff game against KC? I don't believe any city is immune to empty seats in their stadium. It's happened before and it will most certainly happen again.....even in Indianapolis.
  12. I've been a Colts fan since 1958 and I still am. (Yup, I was a bandwagon jumper) Finally made it to Baltimore last summer and visited the Sports Legends Museum. The whole complex at Camden Yards is cool. My daughter took my pic standing next to Unitas' statue. She asked me if I was going to rub his shoe. I said, not a chance! After this, we went to Fort McHenry and the Naval Academy and Museum. It was a great day!
  13. The Colts had a darn good WR in the 70's and early 80's who wore #81. Roger Carr. Give Hakeem the number.
  14. Actually, Big John played in the 60's and early 70's.
  15. Thank God! My biggest fear in FA was overpaying for him.
  16. Pagano needs an assistant to make the call, when to go for it on 4th down.
  17. I don't. I live in South Dakota so I'm not terribly interested in the local news of Indy. I certainly miss the Colts news in the Star but I just can't make myself spring for the full subscription. I wish they had a subscription for just 'Colts' news.
  18. Marv, Eric Dickerson, John Mackey/Raymond Chester, Lenny Moore.
  19. I live in South Dakota. I was 5 years old in 1958. My older brother was a crazed Colts fan and I remember watching him, watch the '58 Championship game. I jumped on the "bandwagon" then and there. By the way, my brother and our sons still get together for every game and have since the advent of the NFL Ticket.
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if the concussion happened when Bethea went hat to hat with Landry.
  21. Hammer

    Donald Brown

    Watch the video again of his fumble. He quickly saw Andrew with the ball and made a block from the ground.
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