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  1. I feel he should probably be cut but I can't seem to shake the picture of his face when he got hurt last year. The poor guy worked his tail off to rehab his injury from the year before and then goes down immediately last year. Tough break for him and the Colts.
  2. "Soon as you come back, irrelevance." ......True enough! ;)
  3. I'm not sure what you think you remember about Ballard other than the astonishing TD against the Titans. The 2 years he played he averaged 3.9 ypc. Bradshaw has averaged, 4.5 and 4.7. I'll take that every time. Not to mention his receiving skills and pass blocking. Gore/Bradshaw/Boom.
  4. I hope so. That would help a great deal in our quest to unseat the Pats!!
  5. Bama players seem to be pretty hard on us, too!
  6. None of this really bothers me. I had mixed emotions about signing him to begin with. With the price obviously going up, let the old man go.
  7. Joseph Addai in 2006 rushed for over a thousand.
  8. I thought it looked more like he was playing with one leg.
  9. I've got an idea. The Ravens and Colts could trade teams. The Colts could move back to Baltimore and Irsay could move his team to LA.
  10. Not so. A great many of us followed the Colts from Baltimore. If the Colts left Indy and kept the Colts name and the colors, I'd follow them again no matter where they went.
  11. Great draft=A. Richardson shouldn't have been in this class. Doing my best to forget that trade ever happened, but if we must place him in a draft class, then it must be in the 2014 class.
  12. You saved me a lot of typing. I would give Bradshaw another chance. A broken bone doesn't fall under the heading of injury prone as opposed to muscle tears, ligaments,etc..
  13. I expect we'll go 9-7. If it's better than that, I'll be surprised and happy. However, I refuse to get excited about this team again. I can't believe I drank the Kool-Aid after the Bengals and Broncos game. Nothing ever seems to change.
  14. Don't forget our "pass rush specialist."
  15. I will never again allow myself to get excited about the Colts. They get on the big stage and * it down their legs every damned time. Another humiliating thrashing at the hands of a good football team.
  16. The latest from the 'Weather Channel' shows 80% chance of rain this afternoon changing to 100% this evening. Temps in the 40's dropping into the 30's tonight. Light winds with up to 1/2" of rain expected.
  17. With the weather forecast, the under is probably the way to go. Dang it 'Uncle' you were about 5 min. too late with your advice! We took Seattle to cover and the COLTS +7!!!
  18. I'm pretty sure the OP has his/her tongue placed firmly in cheek.
  19. Yours is a lol post! I'm assuming you must be joking.
  20. Funny you would mention Unitas. While watching the end of the game Sunday, I mentioned to my (even more ancient than me) brother that this reminds me of the end of Unitas' career....No need for you to leave the thread. You were a Colts fan and that's close enough for me. ;)
  21. We took the Colts at +7 in a 4 game parlay and hit! Liked the underdogs in 3 out of 4. Not yet sure about Championship weekend. I will happily listen to anyone's legitimate thoughts on both games.
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