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  1. Randy Moss has indicated he still wants to play. I think the Pats will sign him before they would Reggie.
  2. If Reggie gets on the field for any team, it would have to be considered a down-grade. If he signs with the Pats or any other team that's on our schedule this year, I hope he gets to play.
  3. Lots of painful memories here, but mine is my favorite Colt of all time, Bert Jones, overthrowing a wide open Raymond Chester against Oakland in the '77 playoff game.
  4. Actually, I was looking at '75,'76, and '77 when we won the division each year. I do remember watching the Colts at Memorial, on TV. It really was insane.
  5. Yesterday, I did look at the attendance record of the Baltimore Colts and was shocked when I discovered how many games were 20,000 short of sellouts. Even during the good years.
  6. I have an appreciation for what it meant to Indy. I also have an appreciation for what it meant to Baltimore. [mod edit]
  7. Why even bring this up? Can't possibly be that you want to troll the old Colts/Ravens fans, can it? Like Old Crow, I haven't seen much of the bitterness coming out of Baltimore like there used to be. The "only" Indy Colts fans annoy me more than the bitter "only" Baltimore Colts fans. Some of us have been around a long time and remember well the great days of that wild-butt Memorial Stadium. Not being a resident of Baltimore or Indianapolis, the only thing that matters to me is the Horseshoe, even if the Colts should end up in Toledo.
  8. Because I'm pretty sure the Colts will be sick and tired of listening to that crap about how the Pats are going to kill them. I look for a Colts win. In fact, no matter what the spread is for that game, I'm taking the Colts. I think we're going to kick the % out of them!
  9. Bradshaw broke a bone last year. That doesn't have a darn thing to do with being injury prone. I would love to see him back.
  10. He's slow but weak....yea, I'd call him a bust.
  11. It certainly was, Smonroe. Chandler's kick was wide by a foot. I've looked at the still photos of that kick a hundred times and it still ticks me off. The Colts are celebrating. The Packers look dejected. In fact, one of them is even kicking the ground....and there stands the ref, signaling the kick was good....They not only lengthened the uprights after that, I think they added a ref to stand at each upright as well.
  12. I think it was fixed too, Smonroe. I'll believe that till the day I check out.
  13. Unitas' double tipped TD pass to Mackey was in SB V. ;)
  14. I was 5 yrs. old in 1958. My brother was 7 and he was already a maniacal Colts fan. I watched him, watching the '58 Championship game and I became a Colts fan because of him. Our older brother was a Bears fan, so we had a lot of fun with him, growing up. When the Colts left Baltimore, I swore I'd never root for them again. But, the first time I saw the Horseshoe on the Indianapolis Colts helmets on TV, I realized the Colts were the Colts no matter what city they called home. My brother and our progeny, still watch every Colts game together.
  15. Super Bowl III, "Ghost to the Post", and every Steeler loss.
  16. I don't remember who said it but at the time there was a football player who said; "I'd rather shave a bobcat's butt in a phone-booth, that get hit by Freddy Young!"
  17. !!! I've been on this forum since 2006 and this is my all-time favorite! You have now surpassed Bavanlan's "Jamaican Moratorium!"
  18. I''m sure Grigs and Pagano will be heavily scouting the NCAA tournament.
  19. Oh, I don't know. Maybe sign a curling all-star.
  20. It seems if you've played basketball, rugby, or soccer, you have a chance with the Colts. For crying out loud, are there no football players out there?
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