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  1. What do you mean? We just trounced the practice squad!!
  2. Pats 48...Colts 20 Mallet and Hoyer were 31-41. 360 yds. What's Brady going to do with little or no pass rush?
  3. He's the guy that Luck wiped out in the USC/Stanford game.
  4. Although he didn't play for the Colts, I know one, for sure. who was born and raised in North Dakota and played at South Dakota State. All-Pro, Pete Retzlaff of the Eagles......With the tradition that the Bison have, there must be quite a few who have made the NFL out of NDSU.
  5. Dutton, along with Ordell Braase and Adam Vinatieri were all from my homestate of South Dakota. The Colts have done alright with these boys.
  6. No nickname here, but I was on the Texans forum last night to see how their faithful were taking the loss. One poster wrote; "Hoyer threw for 400 yds. but the defense couldn't stop a bunch of guys primed and ready for thier annual prostate exam."
  7. Bradshaw is only 29 yrs. old.
  8. I know you didn't, I wrote down the names of the guys that did.
  9. Where are all the guys that made smart remarks when I posted 3 weeks ago that we need Bradshaw now?
  10. Lowery's 2nd pick was great. Any one of us could have picked the first one. Props to Josh Thomas for that one.
  11. They're both decent running backs but they both suck at pass protection. I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago that we need Bradshaw. I believe it now more than ever!
  12. Do you really think that the people calling for change up top are basing that on 1 game?
  13. That's better than the 2 plays Ballard has contributed in the same 2 years.
  14. Frank Gore is not going to be able to play every down. We're now down to two rookies who haven't played a down to back him up. This isn't a concern? I'm very concerned about Luck's health with two rookies protecting him. Bradshaw can do it all. So what if Bradshaw gets hurt. We'd be able to sign him, probably close to the vet minimum so the Colts wouldn't be out much. What if he doesn't get hurt. Who would you rather have trading reps with Gore?
  15. In fact, it's past time. I can't believe we haven't signed him already, unless he's gained 100 lbs. or something. Now, Boom's gone and more than likely, Ballard will be too. I know, I can hear it now. Bradshaw's more injury prone than any of them....Bradshaw was having a great year until he broke his leg. 'broke his leg'. A broken bone hardly falls into the category of a chronic injury. Let's get him back now.
  16. I don't know if it was the NFL or the Colts that suspended him. Any woman can make any claim and it costs a guy his job before it's proven. That sucks....I'm glad they're giving him another shot.
  17. Soon, all the cut/roster threads will be in here and will be far too time-consuming to find anything of interest. Heaven forbid if the 'Andrew Luck commercial should get knocked off the 1st page.
  18. What is it that Ballard has done that has so many people enamored with him? He played his rookie season in 2012 and averaged 3.9 ypc. He's played briefly in 1 game since and now he's tweaked his hamstring.
  19. There wasn't a defender in the camera's view. I'm sure Peyton didn't want to risk over throwing him. Just time to play catch.
  20. The play against the Pats was definitely heartstopping, but we would have retained the ball as there was a penalty on the Pats anyway. We would have lost some yards on the play but would have had it, 1st down.
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