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  1. 5 hours ago, HoosierHero said:

    I still can’t pronounce this guys name and I’ve been trying for 30 minutes. The real bust tonight is my reading ability haha

    After this pick, I mentioned to my wife; "Why can't we ever draft someone with a name like, Ed Smith?"

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  2. 45 minutes ago, AustexColt said:

    - I am glad that M.Pittman took a stand in wanting the 11 number

    - I am glad that Wentz was cool about it




    IMO, the ultimate decision belongs with the Colts management, namely Ballard/Irsay BECAUSE:

    1- The Team assigns the number. They can also change the assigned numbers like they recently did last year.

    2- There maybe contractual obligations in the original Philadelphia contract with Carson that this number be permanently assigned to Carson Wentz.  Contracts can be altered so it is not a show stopper.

    3- Number 11 with Wentz is a marketing brand which may have value in the eyes of the Colts marketing.


    Historically speaking, HOF QB's have changed jersey number when they moved on from their original team:  Joe Montana was #16 (49ers)  then #19 (KC),  Unitas was #19 (Colts) then #16 (Chargers)

    If Carson changes number and becomes a HOF with the Colts, then that is the number that will be retired in the HOF. 

    Unitas wore #19 for the Chargers.


  3. 20 hours ago, Dogg63 said:

    I remain a Manning fan. When he was playing, I wanted his team to win. I never rooted for the Broncos, didn't follow their team's makeup, coaching, drafting, etc. I just wanted Peyton to keep winning at whatever he was up to. I still do.

    Not me. When Manning went to the Broncos, I hoped they would lose every game. As long as Elway is still involved, I still hope that.


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  4. 54 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

    Who is still concerned about another team stealing Flus away from the Colts? With his awesome strategy of one half good and the other half meh/trash, yeah, nobody is taking that on. 

    How many more of these 1/2 games do Irsay and Ballard need to see before they make 1 or both of them available?


  5. 2 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

    Why is this shocking to you or anyone who has watched this team? You should have known it was coming. They are one half wonders, all year long. You just never know which half it will be but definitely ain’t getting 4 quarters from this team on offense or defense. It’s pretty well documented in their play over time. FR isn’t the leader this team now needs. It’s time to move on from him like we did back with diddly-poo Mora. 

    I wasn't shocked in the least. 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, CaptainColt12 said:

    Frank Reich and Rivers were horrible on the offense. Reich was calling plays on 2nd and 5 as if it was 3rd and 20. Rivers can't win us a game and is at most a game manager(I swear if we sign him again I'm gonna flip out). Don't even get me started on the defense. It's by far the most overrated defense in the NFL and can't play a 4 quarter game. People are gonna say I'm overreacting but that was the worst half of football I've seen in a long time. 

    You hit it squarely on the head, Captain! Even if we do somehow make the playoffs, I can't see this Jekyll & Hyde team making any kind of a splash. Pathetic, how we can't seem to play a whole game.

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  7. On 12/23/2020 at 9:35 PM, holeymoley99 said:

    Ghost to the Post brings back nightmares of Christmas eve for this 8 year old....I got several Colts presents under the tree the next morning though.......

    It was a nightmarish Christmas eve for this 24 yr. old as well. In fact, it's still a nightmare as I visualize the pass from Bert sailing over Raymond Chester....The only thing I had on Christmas morning was a colossal hangover.

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