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  1. MMMM...Believe it or not, My first game at the lucas oil stadium was december 27 2009. I still have the ticket stub.. If u dont know what game that was.....Colts 14-0 regular season record ,, benched 12 starters including Peyton Manning in 3rd quarter... and pretty much gave the Jets a free win. I came to see them go undefeated at home and my dreams were shattered, I should know by now ,that is the way the Colts have always done it. Better safe then sorry....Yep and my buddy steve was with me, Jets fan too..He even felt bad and didnt even enjoy the victory of beating the colts..I think doing
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! clay matthews ? even the cornerback woodson is better then him.. big ben? even more ridiculous .defense saves him and hes not consistent except maybe the last 2 games , plus he played in a division before this year had the browns and bengals , which clearly were easy to beat. he almost lost to the worst team in the league this year hahahaha... darelle revis..? 4 interceptions and what else? how about 45 comeback victorys? i THINK NOT! hahahahaa....the list goes on and on..buddy the only reasonable picks u had were tom brady and aaron rodgers....u obviously do not know f
  3. this is just plain *ic. you forget the new agreements over the lockout they made? you can pay rookies a minimum now. give luck 500,000 then u can afford to have manning and luck on the roster..which they should , earn the money and prove themselves b4 they get a big contract.. he needs at least 2 or 3 years to learn and understand the system. i would never start anew on a franchise with a rookie quarterback that could be a bust. manning is the only rookie in the colts history that did any good. just because we cant use the 1st round pick on our problem areas like cornerbacks and wr or defensiv
  4. Coaching. We have the talent , just bad schemes . which makes us look reeally bad at defense and doesnt work at all. except for cornerbacks , they deff suck.
  5. Well I think each and every one of you guys are going to be wasting your breath and words. whats going to happen is Andrew Luck ( in his junior year ) will not enter the draft this upcoming april...thus we will spend our top draft picks on defensive players hopefully anyways. espescially at cornerbacks and special teams because they are horrible. i guess it might not be too much of their faults because our defensive scheme sucks anyway. tampa 2 only worked for one year back in 2002 lol. Then after Luck completes his Senior year he will still be 1 draft pick, by that time manning is back and c
  6. i have 11 colts jerseys and like 4 jackets . my room is decked out to the maximum . you name it i probrably have it. everything from envelopes, blankets , memorabila to a cardboard stand of peyton manning from finish line. its ridiculous how much colts stuff i have. . still wearing it like we are undefeated every year.
  7. ummmmm silly boy... that was collins that missed his own players like 14 times last night. and its been 3 games , thats no excuse. Painter hasnt played since 2009. he has a real reason. and he lead the only offensive producing drive of the game. against the STEELERS! try throwing somebody in in the 4th quarter against the high powered steelers that hasnt played a real meaningful game in his career. you wont get better results from anyone else. let alone a 80 yard drive producing a td. 5 of 7 passing. he needs reps and practice he will do better then collins for sure
  8. good to see people have not become blind to the obvious. like i have been saying for months, collins is an old bum that has nothing left? i knew this would happen. had they trusted their 3 year real backup qb, theres no reason not to believe we would be 2-1 right now. loss to the texans because its the 1st game and hes technically still a rookie as far as regular season goes. ahhhh if we start him the remainder of the season we DO have a chance. people forget. all you have to do is win the division. the seahawksa and rams made the playoffs with what? 7-9 record i think? the reality is the tex
  9. ....to waste a roster spot on kerry collins is just dumb football. i am continually amazed at the stupidity of sports teams now a days and BLIND people.
  10. thank god someone can see this! its all about the pocket, o line gives u a couple seconds to make a play at qb. its not a gravy train to the superbowl, which collins apparently thinks it is.
  11. nope. unless collins gets hurt then painter comes in to save the day then i give it a 60 percent chance.
  12. you must be amazed that painter beat the 1st string packers in the 1st half. another collins supporter clearly. pocket awareness of ray charles? maybe u drank a 30 pack while u were watching the game . even ray charles could do better then kerry collins. Its not even the fact weve only started the season 0-2. he soo happens to overthrow every receiver in his near sighted vision. thrown for 2 touchdowns in 2 games. fumbled 2 posessions in a row. takes about 13 minutes in the pocket to decide if he should take a sack or throw it to reggie. his arm takes about 3 of those seconds as well, its like
  13. SORRY but id pick painter over collins any day. we are already 0-2 and collins looks like the worst qb of the century. might as well try him out and see what happens. he did beat the packers 1st string in the 1st half ..just saying it cant get any worse then it is now. They wont win any games with collins if he cant even beat the browns. Painter has been with the colts 3 years, knows the playbook heck of lot better, youung fresh and alot faster. he doesnt need 24 seconds in the pocket like kerry does.
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