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  1. Obviously he is a complete bust. I said Grigson couldn't draft back then and got flamed mercilessly. He really can't draft. I'm sorry. He is just dumb.
  2. Griswold could not play chess with BB. Griswold is playing checkers. No way the Pats care about an offensive piece we added, especially a receiver. He's seen this now for 17 years, The pick was terrible considering lessons learned over the years (or apparrenty not learned) and glaring needs. End of story.
  3. Great signing!!!! Fired up for the season now. Why is it only June?
  4. yes in one them I said Manning wasn't a good playoff quarterback and I was glad to have the new blood Luck on board and I got blasted mercilessly. I'm pure evil! In the long run the Colts will be better off with Luck and this draft wasn't that good. No big deal it just wasn't. Grigson made a number of puzzling moves between free agency and the draft and many can see that pretty clearly.
  5. Plus they selected Vontae Davis in the 2nd round. Not bad.
  6. Been a troll since 1984! Problem is I hate to see weird decisions by management mess up a good thing. I've honestly seen maybe 1 out of every 10 grades better than a B-. It really wasn't a very good draft at least not initially but could turn out ok in a few years. I do doubt it though. Frustrating and puzzling to say the least.
  7. There was no Vontae in this year's draft. He showed in the Ravens playoff game he is money. They did nothing when they threw at him in the 1st half. Cornerback is now a strength IMO.
  8. Thanks and sorry about that. This draft has the feel of one where the players are so unflashy it turns out great. It's up to the coaches to make the unflashy flashy. Pats have been doing it for over a decade.
  9. Overview: Keep in mind Colts GM Ryan Grigson also surrendered a 2014 fourth-round pick in the trade up for Hughes early in round five. I'm surprised Grigson mortgaged part of his future for a small-schooler with a checkered character background. Not only is Werner an odd fit for Chuck Pagano's 3-4 defense, but his tendency to give up on plays after initially being blocked was disconcerting on game film. Contrary to popular belief – which may be racially driven -- the player's motor is an issue. I liked the Thornton pick, but not Holmes. I didn't love many of Grigson's free-agency moves or his
  10. Plus why be concerned about 3rd down when your 1st and 2nd down backs are weak. There were three down backs available late in this draft. Not good as usual.
  11. The issue with the guys drafted is that there's no real upside. Apparently Grigson (Griswold) is ultra-conservative. Why the heck are we satisfied with our running back attack? It's not good at all. Jonathan Franklin should be on the team for what we got instead.
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