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  1. Why does everyone say that the Redskins were 9-7. They were 10 and 6. RG3 was 9-6 as a starter. Rg3 was the reason the Redskins were winning early in the year. Morris didnt hit his stride until the second half of the season. The Colts runnign game was middle of the pack. It was bad by any means. YOu guys just wanted to pass the ball all over the field. RG3 is the best rookie on the team. Lets not get silly. It's a hell of a lot tougher playing QB than it is playing RB. Morris is a beast, but Shanahan has a track record for taking people off the street and turning them into 1400 y
  2. Yup. You can also say that if RG3 hadnt got hurt, his numbers would have been even MORE impressive than they already were. Or if Wilson hadnt been babied for 6 games this year, his numbers would have been more impressive as well.
  3. I'll give credit to Luck for the game winning drives, but the passing yardage record, eh...How many times did he throw the ball this year? 627? You should be able to throw for 4000+ yards. In today's NFL, passing yardage is the most overrated stat in football because the NFL has basically legislated pass defense out of the football. No rookie had as much hype as RG3 has had this year and no one has done more to live up to the expectations than RG3.
  4. Arians is a hell of a coach, but he will struggle in AZ. 1. He has no QB or Oline 2. The NFC as a conference is WAY tougher than the AFC 3. The NFC West might be the best Division in the NFL 4. Wont have the motivational factor to work with (Look at what the Ravens and the Colts did with Motivation) The only saving grace for Arians is he will have a high draft pick.
  5. Also, Alfred Morris, 1600 yards, 13 TD's
  6. lol this is funny being that Seattle fans see this as a two horse race (RG3 and RW)
  7. Cousins was great this year, but 1 game does not make a Rookie of the year or great player. See Kevin Kolb.
  8. But the thing is, RG3 doesnt have a lot of games like this. As a matter of fact this was only his second game this year where he appeared "off" passing the ball. But he made some HUGE runs during this game in key moments. This is why RG3 is a special player. They pretty much shut him down in the passing game, but he ran for 66 yards and a TD at 10 yards per carry on a 1 leg. RG3 can get away with a bad game because: 1. He can beat you multiple ways 2. He doesnt have bad games often But the star of the game was Alfred Morris, no doubt. That guy is beastly. But alot of credit goes
  9. I think NFL rules state that it's not tampering if its for a higher position. Not 100% sure on that though.
  10. I think with RG3 you have to look at the total package. RG3 IS the reason that the Redskins have the best running game in the NFL. Thats not to discredit Morris in any way because without RG3, I think he is at least a 1300 yard back, but not a 1600 yard back without RG3. DId you see Demarcus Ware last night? That guy had no clue, and that was because of RG3's ball skills and threat to run. He doesnt have the same passing attempts as Luck, but when take into his overall impact on the Redskins offense, and the fact that he doesnt turn the ball over, it's not hard to see why he would win R
  11. MVP Peterson (I haved to imagine if I say Jim Brown play, this is what he would have looked like) Manning Brady ROTY Griffin (I've maintained that if RG3 wins his division, he would win Rookie of the year, he's got the stats, he's got the flash, and now he has the wins) Wilson Luck Morris Executive of the Year Seattle Seahawks (Alot of Owners are looking at their GM's saying "Why didnt you get RW?" Coach of the Year Arians (How you can pick ANYONE but this guy is beyond me) Mike Shanahan John Fox Pete Carol
  12. I thik Luck had a great year this yaer...He's been asked to do a ton...And you can make an argument for him being in the pro bowl for sure. I would have no problem if he was selected to the Prob Bowl. My issue is that people act like Matt Schabe doesnt belong in there and that Luck was snubbed from the Pro Bowl. To say that Luck was snubbed would mean that someone else got in over him that wasnt deserving. Schabe has had a great year. He deserved to go.
  13. QBR is a valid argument. For 5 weeks when Luck was like #4 in QBR, all I ever heard on this board and from the media was how great Luck was because of his QBR (ESPN). Now that RG3 is is top 5 all of a sudden is not valid? C'mon, thats extremely selective.
  14. The Redskins lost 18million in cap space with another 18 mil to go next year. We've had to build a roster with less resources than other teams in the NFL. And will have to do so again next year. All because of an * owner in NY. Ohh and Bob has stats worthy of the pro bowl. I dont understand why this is so hard to see. He was top 5 in ESPN QBR (leaving out Kapernick since he's hasnt even played 5 games) and number two in QB Rating behind Rogers.
  15. No one said that Schaub is an all pro. But he is pro bowl worthy. Those are 2 differnt things. Reggie Wayne isa Pro Bowl WR Megatron is an all pro WR's Frank Gore is a pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson is an all pro running back Matt Schaub is a pro bowl QB Peyton Manning is an all pro QB
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