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  1. 2 Ints don't put 42 points on the board. Even if the Broncos scored on every possession, they still would have loss. Again, this is a team game. Seattle came to win.
  2. I knew they would score eventually. Let's go Peyton!
  3. I believe he can but it's going to really tough against the #1 defense.
  4. This. It's always been this way for Manning. It's all or nothing. If he wins, he's as great as everyone thinks he is. If he loses for ANY reason, he's a choker, "can't win the big one," etc. Yup. Gotta love the Colts fan forum. Bunch of people patting themselves on the back about Peyton losing so they can feel better about letting him go. Peyton or no Peyton, when a player leaves your team, you should always wish the best for them(assuming they weren't a troublemaker or anything like that.). It was great to see the former Colts, Manning, Tamme and Stokley preform well. Sad to see them lose.
  5. He has a Super Bowl win. That's more than what many quarterbacks have. Again, I disagree with this game being Peyton's fault. In the past, it was DEFINITELY Peyton's fault. I remember those horrible games against the Patriots and that playoff game against the Chargers. All those losses were primarily Peyton's fault. However, he's also gotten better since then. He's more patience now and generally doesn't try to force passes as much. Peyton in general plays better during the 2-minute drill. So while he did contribute to this lost, he played a solid game. He even gave his defense a chance t
  6. The poor defensive is the reason the game even went to overtime in the first place. You rush 3 and drop 8 into coverage and somehow you let a guy still get wide open.
  7. Yea, because that record is obviously are going to change if you don't give them a chance. /sarcasm It's not like he's lead a team to the Super Bowl before. /sarcasm Peyton was specifically signed to lead this team to a Super Bowl. If you aren't going to let him do his thing, you're just wasting money. I'm not saying Peyton is going to play perfect every game, but he has shown than he can get it done and he's a future HoF because of it.
  8. Did you watch that game? That defense played like they were the 2nd worse in the NFL.
  9. Are some of you really trying to say this loss is because of Peyton? Really? Peyton was one of the contributing factors but overall, he played a solid game. The playcalling by John Fox was terrible and the defense was atrocious. The game should have never gone to overtime to begin with. And even before overtime, you kneel the ball with 30 secs left on the clock, 2 timeouts, with one of the most clutch quarterbacks in NFL history? Sad.... The Ravens looked like the better team on both sides of the ball that game. GG, another Super Bowl win for the Patriots.
  10. GG. Well deserved win by the Atlanta Falcons. They are definitely a team to lookout for this season. The first quarter showed that Manning still has some rust(as he said) but he'll bounce back.
  11. 3 interceptions... This reminds me of those brutal games we use to play against the Chargers. Those games were nightmares.
  12. Luck will never be as good as Manning. Manning is a living legend and will go down as one of the greatest QBs of all time. Luck is literally walking in the shadow of a giant. Now, I'm not saying Luck won't be a great QB as it's still too early to judge. However, it's too much wishful thinking to believe that he's going to be as great as Peyton. Fortunately, you don't need to put up Manning level stats to win games. Winning is all that matters.
  13. I hope they are having second thoughts. The move can be summarized as, "Peyton, even though you've been good to us all these years, we don't think you can do this for much longer." Basically a slap to the face of Peyton. They basically acted like he had reached Brett Favre status and was holding the team back. I believe Peyton still has at least another 2-3 good years in him before he starts declining. And even when Peyton does begin to decline he'll still be an above average QB. Peyton has proven time and time again that he is reliable but the organization decided to put their faith in a rook
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