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  1. I think you missed the point of what I said. It isn't subjective. You are objectively wrong. He is a Tight End because that is he position he plays. His role has no bearing on that.
  2. It is worth pointing out that this is not a subjective matter. TE is a position. A position is defined by where you line up on the field. Ebron lines up the majority of snaps off lined up next to the LT or RT. This is the Tight End position. He is therefore a Tight End. Jimmy Graham drew questions several years back of whether he was a WR or a TE. This was because he was lining up for the majority of snaps in the slot or out wide. These questions were legitimate. The questions regarding Ebron's position are not legitimate - he is a TE because that is the position he lines up in. Role has no bearing on what a player is listed as, only where the player lines up. Very simple.
  3. No, not fun. I never got the security nor range of motion back in either shoulder. Luck's rehab will be much more comprehensive of course.
  4. I have had labrum repair shoulder op on both of my shoulders (twice on my left shoulder, once on my right). Blood flow issues were never once mentioned as part of the recovery. The main things are the surrounding muscles knitting together while maintaining strength, shoulder security and range of motion.
  5. I've just taken a quick look (surprised this info isn't more readily available online), and it seems the average tenure of a Head Coach before winning their first Super Bowl is 3-4 years. That would imply that change isn't always good.
  6. I voted keep him as you asked us not to take his contract into consideration. He is good linebacker close to the line of scrimmage but he is horrific in coverage and thus does not offer the versatility that is needed as a starter in a top defense. If I could, I'd keep him as a rotational/backup player.
  7. I am surprised so many people would choose John Schneider as their GM when he isn't even a real GM in the conventional sense. The Seahawks Org Chart has Pete Carroll at the top with John Schneider in a Head Scout/Chief Advisory-esque role. P.S. If you have McDaniels at OC, then things are good.
  8. I don't think this says a lot about who the Colts judge to be the better prospect long-term. As has been stated, Bray will be a ST contributor. Carter still has a shot. Just not this season.
  9. MVP isn't solely based on performance, it's the one person who has had the most positive impact on your team winning. So as much as I love McAfee, and am delighted with Anderson and Parry, they cannot be considered MVP candidates. Realistically, come the end of the year, it will be Andrew Luck, even if he does not play as well as we expected.
  10. To put you mind at ease... it is very unlikely he will need an Op unless it becomes a problem. If it happens once, there is a lot he can do to stop it from become a recurring issue, but if it happens 3/4 times... then he's in trouble.
  11. I have subluxed both of my shoulders many times, and dislocated both quite a few times. Once it's starts coming out, the joint loosens and it comes out easier next time. I have had three shoulder operations (two on my left, one on my right) due to this. If this turns into a problem for Luck, no amount of weights or shoulder exercises will fix it... he will need an op. The op involves putting little steel anchors around the rotator cuff to stabilise the shoulder. If he has an op, his shoulder will never have the same range of movement again. What I am saying is... everyone should be reasonably worried about this.
  12. Our defense was superb in the 2nd half and OT. Great win.
  13. Playing on is doable until the inflammation sets in. A few hours later and he probably would have struggled to lift his arm. I am speculating, of course.
  14. Coming from someone with over 20 dislocations and three shoulder ops, I can assure you that touching him anywhere that creates a shoulder vibration will invoke the sort of reaction.
  15. I assume it was Pagano who moved Mewhort to RT and chose to start Louis. Again, I am not saying that Grigson has got it right.
  16. Mariota looks very good. Keeps his eyes down field, puts the ball in spots only his guy can get it, and has loads of zip. He has barely utilized his athleticism yet. You can see he wants to be a pocket pro-passer.
  17. Levitre... an often mentioned name around this forum the year he was an FA. I was a fan myself, not for that money though.
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