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  1. I think you missed the point of what I said. It isn't subjective. You are objectively wrong. He is a Tight End because that is he position he plays. His role has no bearing on that.
  2. It is worth pointing out that this is not a subjective matter. TE is a position. A position is defined by where you line up on the field. Ebron lines up the majority of snaps off lined up next to the LT or RT. This is the Tight End position. He is therefore a Tight End. Jimmy Graham drew questions several years back of whether he was a WR or a TE. This was because he was lining up for the majority of snaps in the slot or out wide. These questions were legitimate. The questions regarding Ebron's position are not legitimate - he is a TE because that is the position he lines up in. Role has no bearing on what a player is listed as, only where the player lines up. Very simple.
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    No he wasn't.
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