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  1. As always enjoyed a trip down memory lane with you all!

  2. Will be next month remembering 50th Anniversaries of a lot of things and some infamous ones. Like that of Woodstock, Man on the Moon, Helter Skelter, etc.

  3. RIP Mr Fonda! 

  4. Next two months will be holiday songs on here! Stay tune!

  5. Know it's been quiet here. But will find something to make the off season a little bit quicker there.

  6. Will Start This Month a thing of slogans from favorite TV shows. As you have to guess the show that the slogan or catch phrase matches with? Deal as can't wait!

  7. Sadly the old saying of bad things happen in twos, deaths come in threes...

    1. Roy Horn 75, Siefried and Roy fame

    2. Little Richard 86-87

    3. Now Jerry Stiller, father of Ben

  8. Music did not really die, legacy lives on!


  9. The song that Inspired the Day the Music Died!


  10. Will have the post up on Saturday or Sunday for Oscars 2019 my friends!

  11. Will continue this game through end of the month. Thought I would give you all the heads up!

  12. One Singular Sensation Every Little Step He Takes!

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