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  1. Wow eight kids Nadine! You must have had a handful with your parents! Wow! Shecolt I love to cook but don't do it as often. Especially never really made a huge Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner would you believe?! In my life! MIColtsFan that sounds great homemade ravoli! My brother and brother in law know the feeling of working on the holidays Gramz and Shecolt!

  2. Brees has and always will be a classy guy. As he will build the team up. And hopefully all teams will learn from this. That you can't hurt a player to end their careers. You may want to tackle them from keeping you from losing the game. But hurting them or to the point, paralyzing them. It is an outrage. Hopefully not just the Saints but the league as a whole, will learn that they should not hurt people just for the sake of it.

  3. ESPN who knows indeed what goes on. As people that of are racial, ethnic, gender, religious, etc backgrounds. You need to watch what you say as we live in a politically correct post 9/11 era. Hopefully that person that was let go will pick himself back up and learn from this. As well as find a better job for him. He also had a wife that is Asian.

    Being Amerasian myself, I realize that you need to fit yourself in others shoes. And ask yourselves, how you would react in that situation.

    Really sad but honestly, people need to be more sensitive and more understanding and respect those. No matter what background that they are.

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