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  1. Anybody have their TV's on the Oscars tonight?!

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    2. Synthetic


      Gone Girl, the best movie of last year won nothing. Crappy year.

    3. southwest1


      Part of that is due to when the studio releases the picture Bogie. If you wanna get consideration from the Academy, you distribute the film in December so that by the time the Oscars roll around in Late February, Gone Girl is still fresh in voters minds. Plus, female serial killers don't usually get nominated for awards in male dominated Hollywood. Sharon Stone didn't for "Basic Instinct."

    4. southwest1


      I will admit though that actress Charlize Theron did win an oscar in 2003's "Monster" portraying a disturbed women named Aileen Wuornos who became a serial killer & was convicted & got the electric chair based on a true story apparently anyway. But normally, violent depictions of real life mass murders don't typically get recognized by the academy in nominations or hardware though.

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