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  1. Hey what did you all do for Halloween? Just hand out candy. Nothing out of the ordinary. BTW it is my least favorite holiday. Just love it for the candy! Tisk Tisk!:cheer:

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Pretty much did nothing, just watching the Baseball game. I went to Sam's and bought a huge box of Snicker Bars for the Trick or Treats, had a few earlier lol.

    2. alawai


      I bought couple bags of Snickers for all the aTrick/Treaters that never show up!  The kids haven’t shown up for 25+ years, parents take the kids to younger neighborhoods, malls and/or Halloween events.  Guess I have two bags of Snickers for myself.  Darn after 25+ years you’d think I’d learn no kids are coming around!  Next year I’ll buy Kit Kat and/or M&M Peanut.  If no one shows up I’ll try to make a mental note.

    3. Nadine


      I love halloween.  You get to meet neighbors because most kids go out with their parents.  We got about 20 kids, the best was a mummy with 2 swords!  I turned my porch light into a jack o lantern and I'm pretty sure it drew the trick and treeters in.  Cutest was a little boy who said twick o twee :)


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