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  1. In with Halloween what was your favorite Halloween TV show like growing up...

    "The Adams Family" or the "The Munsters!?" 

    Love both to be honest as hard to tell.

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I love me some Munsters, I used to watch that all the time.

    3. teganslaw


      I liked "The Addams Family."  Cousin Itt was one of my favorites.

    4. southwest1


      I just watched the movie "Addams Family Values" recently. I love that scene near the end of the picture where Tuesday played by Cristina Ricci refuses to comply with the pilgrims sanitized version of Thanksgiving &, while portraying an American Indian leader; she proceeds to burn down the village & prevent the english colonists from stealing tribal land, relocating Indians to reservations, & signing fraudulent treaties that would never be honored anyway in American History. 


      What makes the scene so funny is that a goodie 2 shoes girl at summer camp who thinks she's perfect gets the tables turned on her by Tuesday who has had enough of the blond ray of sunshine. Therefore, it is time to right more than a few wrongs. This definitely isn't the traditional tale we all know & that's why it resonates with me I guess. 

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