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  1. Quiz 8 July 2017...What is the Name of the Movie about an FBI agent that posed as a surfer to get a bunch of bank robbers? It was originally made in 1991 with a remake in 2015. Starred the late Patrick Swayze?!

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever
    3. southwest1


      That was one of the first movies to use bank robbers wearing Presidential masks on.


      I never really cared for that flick because it was billed as this fresh crime capper. However, having an FBI agent go under cover as a surfer dude was just stupid in my opinion  & then Brody wanting 1 final ride during a tropical storm on top of a giant wave never resonated with me at all. The FBI's supervisor boss was beyond laughable too. 


      Just my take. Patrick Swaze's best work was "Road House". 


      "Be polite & take out the trash...The Double D you know what." Sam Elliot co starred in that film too. Love that guy's voice. 



    4. JPPT1974


      It is indeed Point Break!

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