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  1. I am at Myrtle Beach for Vacation until Saturday!

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    2. alawai


      SW1 its all good that JPPT had fun in Myrtle Beach and I had a good time in Vegas!  Couple more trips to the buffet line and I could be both nose tackle and strong side tackle on the D-line!

    3. southwest1


      LOL! That's great 100GFB. You're supposed to eat too much, spend too much, & drink too much on holiday my brother. Otherwise, what's the darn point of going on vacation in the 1st place right? 


      Wink; Wink. Glad you had a good time with no mug shot necessary. Just Kidding! 

    4. southwest1


      I hear ya JPPT. The best thing about going on holiday is this: 


      You get to do what you want when you want on your own time table even if that's just chillin'...


      No deadlines to meet, no meals to prepare, just sip a cold beverage & say "I'm in heaven right here." :D

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