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  1. How many of you are CD collectors. I have at least in between 60-80 CD's. As most people are going to I Pods and other tech stuff. Just wondering.

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    2. Gramz


      Ours are all still in the original cases...

      Just like all our old Vinyl Albums.

      All soon to be antiques lol

    3. Synthetic


      I've went digital the past 2 years, but it wasn't out of choice. I'd much rather have a physical copy of an album I love, but I simply don't have the room for more albums like I did in the past.

    4. Gramz


      Yeah, Bogie we're digital here too, but we still have all our old albums and cd's. Albums are in boxes and crates, and the cd's are in numerous stackers in our music room. I suppose we'll part with them at some point.

      And my husband has a nice collection of guitars. I might have shared that photo at one point.

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