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  1. Going to do something different this time. A Broadway tune if you are a fan of theirs



    1. JPPT1974


      This is where I heard the music first....



  2. Starting today will bring videos up of your favorite musicians for all through this month!

  3. Will have the post up on Saturday or Sunday for Oscars 2019 my friends!

  4. The song that Inspired the Day the Music Died!


  5. Music did not really die, legacy lives on!



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    2. DillyDilly


      Was it Storm Lake, Iowa

    3. JPPT1974


      Actually it was Clear Lake but very close

    4. DillyDilly


      My bad JPPT1974!  My Iowa friends will be very upset with my mistake!  It must be chilly willy there!

  7. Starting this Week, 60th Anniversary of the Day the Music Died with videos

  8. Not a Good Year to start off with deaths but there are three


    Daryl the Captain from Captain and Tennile Dragon dies at 76

    Bob Super Dave Einstein dies at 78

    Same with Mean Gene W.W.E. Interviewer also dead at 78.


    RIP all three of them!


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    2. JPPT1974
    3. JPPT1974
    4. Nadine


      Love all these except Santa Baby, which I hate 

      You just reminded me of this