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  1. yeah i was baffled by the fact grigson did not make an attempt at La'el Collins after the investigation in Louisiana was over. nobody made an attempt except dallas. as far as mathis goes, that is another one, Grigson i figured would have tried his hardest to get him in indy being he was coming out of philly.
  2. i never saw anything that said he was signing with seattle. as of last night he was only going to seattle for a workout.
  3. you seen the weight issue also huh? guys he was blocking looked to be 200 lbs less then him lol. kinda reminds me of Michael Ohr though.
  4. but why was he released from his scholarship with another student at NC State in just his freshman year? all that is being said is he didnt live up to expectations. but that is it.
  5. makes you wonder what really happened for him to be released. he was the number 6 ranked offensive guard by scout.com. something must have happened that they refrained from mentioning.
  6. it was a spring game, but he looked good. the Dlineman was swatting at him and everything and he stuck on him pushing him 15 yards back. I am curious though on to why he went from Division 1 to JCO (i am assuming it is junior college, but i do not know) something I read, only said he was released from his scholorship from NC State with another player
  7. what video were you watching? the one that was posted on here off of youtube, all i saw was him pushing guys around who didn't look anything over 200 lbs.
  8. lol watching that, all i see him pushing around are guys that look like they dont weight anything over 220 lbs. I think it was the second or third team number 18 looked like he weighted 185 soak and wet lol. if this is all he faced are small guys, guys like Watt are gonna have a field day with him. upside though his college profile says his last school was at NC State. wonder why he switched to a very small school
  9. I agree, if anything if the punishment comes down on them hard and let's say brady gets suspended for a minimum of 6 games (hypothetically speaking) the fans are the ones who have been cheated.
  10. if he is suspended 6 games they go 3-3 or 2-4. with the first 6 games against Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Dallas, Indianapolis and the Jets, I could see them losing to Pittsburgh, @ Buffalo, @ Dallas and @ Indy. but I will go with 3-3 with out brady.
  11. I honestly think they need to come close to what they did to the saints.... there is no way in H-E double hockey sticks that Coach B. had no acknowledgement about any of this. I like Coach B. dont get me wrong, i think he is a very smart coach when it comes to coaching, but he had to have known something was going on with his star QB. he is suppose to be aware of everything that happens with his team on the field and in the locker rooms. maybe i am just reaching though, who knows. Big fines issued to Brady, and the owner. loss of a draft pick or two maybe 2nd or 3rd rounder, Brady suspended 6 games (which will be appealed anyway), Equipment manager and locker room guy suspended without pay, or fired from the NFL all together. to harsh?
  12. I agree, and maybe he can take over Toler's spot when Toler's contract is up. he is a little small, but he has good coverage play.
  13. my favorite pick is not in the poll as he was drafted today, but Clayton Geathers safety out of UCF. a lot of people including myself was hoping for Landon Collins, but this kid could become a starter for us if coached right. he is a hard hitter, can play in the box and at top in coverage. and a big plus is he can cover big Tight ends, which will bold well for us when it comes to playing New Engand and having to cover Gronk. we had issues last year tackling him as he would carry out linebackers and corners 10 yards before he fell to the ground. I see a lot of Bob Sanders in him, but Geathers is more durable then what Sanders was.
  14. eh, i heard the same thing. saying something the Al Davis would have liked isn't saying much on the positive side lol
  15. but when 3/4 of the ACC conference has bad defenses and having played Florida A&M and Arkansas State its expected to put up those kinda numbers with his speed. dont get me wrong, I like what he has done, and as a player but my only concern is, is he really worthy of being a first round draft pick? or could we have actually landed him in the second round? but after drafting Geathers who I think could be as good as Bob Sanders if not better pending on if he can stay healthy, although one of his positive reports was he is very durable, anyway after drafting him i am not to upset about dorsett going in the first. I just hope he lives up to the hype and proves me wrong about not being worthy of being picked in the first round. But in the end, given that Houston has improved their defensive line and Jacksonville improving their defensive backfield having a guy with this speed who can get open quickly is a big plus and could help Luck out a lot.
  16. well we signed Lowery, who played for Atlanta last year. but their defense was worst then indy's defense last year
  17. but what is funny about the dorsett pick is, all i heard Grigson and Pagano talk about was punt returning. Is that the reason they drafted him? was to be a return guy? that is how i took it. and if that is the case we wasted a first rounder on a returner.
  18. yeah i was the same way when i saw who we drafted. then i remembered grigson saying in an interview that he plans on making trades in the draft. hoping it starts tonight though.
  19. I agree. not with the holes on defense. unless Grigson has a few tricks up his sleeve, i can see by the end of the NFL draft that those holes on defense will still exist.
  20. if grigson felt a second/third round pick was the BPA, id hate to see the rest of the draft. he has only had one good draft and that was his first year.
  21. competing for and actually playing in the super bowl and winning it are two different things. heck the colts have been competing for the super bowl since the Manning days who is a 1st ballot hall of famer, and look what that got us. 1 championship, that is it. and why is that? because the defense was no where to be found. the year the colts won the super bowl, the defense went from average during the season to a defense that looked like one of the best come playoff time. after that the closest we came to winning the super bowl again was in 09 when we lost to the saints in the super bowl. my point is you have to have a good defense to win championships. New England had a top 10 defense this last year as far as points given up per game. the colts? barely in the top 20. Again i am not trying to say Dorsett is a bad pick, just in my opinion i feel we needed defensive help first before anything else. Sure there are safeties still out there like prewitt, and the kid from Fresno State or even Virginia for that matter, but how many of them are actually ready to start this year in week 1? then there was also a pass rushing Eli Harrold OLB from UVA, who i think is a upgrade over werner as far as pass rushing goes. Im not considering this draft a bust yet considering i want to see what grigson does in the 2nd and 3rd round, BUT from the looks of it, it looks like he cares more about the offense then the defense.
  22. either that or they don't have faith in andre johnson staying healthy. kinda makes you wonder if the only way they got gore was to bring johnson in as well. lol. but i do agree this pick made no sense what so ever. i would have rather us taken Jake Fisher or Clemmings with our first pick. at least it would go to protecting Andrew Luck. but our bigger need is on the other side of the ball.
  23. why do you doubt it? it isn't like he coached at Miami when this kid played. not like how Andre Johnson, Frank Gore and Reggie Wayne were. but that is beside the point. Pagano is a defensive coach, and he is always stressing how the colts need to get better on defense. can't get better when you draft offensive guys 16 out of the 23 players you draft since 2012. in which 1 of those 7 defensive players drafted had been drafted in the first four rounds and that was Werner who really hasnt been living up to first round potential. I am not knocking Dorsett, especially after watching his highlight videos, he has great hands and great speed to go with it but I think he could have been picked in the second round. and im sure grigson could have traded up to get him earlier in the second round. that being said I agree with the OP. Grigson and Pagano are not on the same page, Pagano wants defense, and Grigson sees this as a high power offensive team and a average defense. quite frankly Irsay has lived through that era once already during the Polian/Manning Era, it is starting to look like he is wanting to do it again.
  24. we need help on the offensive line, defensive pass rush, at safety. and we go and get one position we absolutely did not need in the first round. since the 2012 draft the colts have drafted 22 players, 7 on defense and 1 defensive player in the first four rounds. and how many have actually stood out and showed they can be an starter on this defense game in and game out for the next 10 years? so i am right there with you, in being frustrated. like you said Brown, Goldman fell right in our laps but so did Randall, and Collins.
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