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  1. Hey...look! I found Andrew Luck's Logo.
  2. 3 years--24M 16M guaranteed Those are the numbers
  3. Hoge was 100% correct, imo. I'm not going to fault Robert this last season on a team that all but had their coach quit on them mid season or before. Not to mention Robert was recovering from a major knee injury and still was putting up better numbers than Luck & Wilson from week 1 till he was benched by Shananigans after 13 games this last season. Robert had a historical rookie season and now all of a sudden, he sucks, has character problems, etc? You can believe the media hype if you guys want too, but I'm not falling for it. I watched him at baylor and I know he's the real deal. He's a classy dude as well. Oh...btw If Griffin returns to 2012 form, which I'm expecting with the news above. (even with a rookie head coach) Griffin will be making fools out of many. Wilson is decent ( but stacked team REALLY helps) Luck is good ( but pickalicious) RG3 is a stud ( but early career serious knee injuries has set him back) in that order, gentleman. If Robert stays healthy, it isn't even close guys.
  4. RG3 will explode this season. Brace comes off and now has a Coach who can develop him the right way. I mean..good Lord. Jay Gruden made Andy Dalton look good, guys. (remember that) And yes. Redskins should look to Cleveland to deal Cousins. But not for a draft pick, but for Josh Gordon. (and whatever throw-ins necessary to make it happen) We all know the Browns are a stupid mistake waiting to happen & this is what I would try to target if I'm Washington. (gets Cousins out of the NFC Conference as well) (Hi Rams..lol) You get RG3 another huge target in Josh Gordon along side Pierre Garcon. Then they sign Emmanuel Sanders in FA for the Slot. They're trying to work on a deal for Moss for cheap at the moment. They have that stud rookie TE in Jordan Reed. Use the draft for Defense & O-Line. The NFC East is wide open, imo. Shanahan quit on the team and they probably returned the favor. The dude was controlling the Defense like the control freak he is. If Gruden gets RG3 back to 2012 form (or close) & RG3 stays injury free? And the Redskins can get him some weapons for his arsenal & some additional protection up front? I can't say they will be the 10-6---2012 division champs again... But they won't be the 3-13 crap fest they were last yr either. If the Redskins can't get more than a 3rd rd draft choice from any team, for Kirk Cousins? They should just keep him, imo. They also have Brian Orakpo to dangle as well. (Franchise Tag) if need be.
  5. Still too early, imo. The Rams may very well end up with a ton of great players, but even if they do. Look at the Division they're in. Even Arizona is good now. NFC East sucks. If the Redskins & more importantly RG3 rebound from this season & going forward? I still like there chances of making more noise in the NFC than the Rams. and if that's true, then that means more Playoff/Super Bowl opportunities than the Rams. and if the Skins even take advantage of it once...meaning SB win? Redskins win the trade. period. It's all about the Championships gentleman. I believe these 2 will play each other next year as well. (both are last in Div.) You'll finally see what's more important. A Rams team that has loaded itself with talent like Ogletree, Tavon Austin, Janoris jenkins, etc & whomever they get in this draft presuming they don't draft their *new* franchise QB & still rolling with Bradford. or a healthy RG3 with no brace on. Normally you would say..."No way Skins win that game" But then again...they get their 36M dollar cap hit back to load up in FA and give him weapons. top picks in every rd besides the 1st and possibly new coaching staff that don't suck. Way too early to tell right now.
  6. If you guys really want to see & know who Robert Griffin III is, then watch "RG3: Will To Win on Tuesday 8/27 on ESPN @6pm. http://gatorade.com/rgiii/#episode1 Read more here: http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/redskins-watch/2013/aug/8/rg3-be-featured-espnnfl-films-documentary/#ixzz2cDScrakV
  7. Calm the rage and see the reality. #23 for Luck was generous, if anything. #15 was appropriate for RG3.
  8. I think Luck will be around 40ish...(40-49) I think RG3 will be around 20ish...(20-29)
  9. I think you can make a case for EITHER Luck or RG3 being a head of one another. For all the arguments Luck has, RG3 has them as well. RG3 helped lead the Redskins to 4th in the NFL in pts scored & NFC East Division title(27.2) RG3 had 7 combined turnovers (5 INT's & 2 lost fumbles) 67% completion rate & 102+ QB rating and on & on Lets just wait to see who steps up, in their Sophomore season. Should be interesting.
  10. Seattle & Baltimore miss the Playoffs. Arizona (Arians) has a better record, than Indianapolis(Pagano). Only 1 Playoff team, comes out of each of West Divisions. Miami makes the Playoffs.
  11. Yea, RG3 started 15 games last yr in the regular season. But he got knocked out of the falcons game late in the game. Then got hurt in the ravens game in 4th qtr. Then missed the start VS Browns Then tore ACL late in Seattle game. Rg3 needs to stay healthy and get down. Specially if he wants to play 16 games.
  12. IMO, Last season was very strange. I almost just throw it by the wayside. You had RG3 getting hurt and probably hammers Seattle, if he doesn't get injured in Ravens game. (which affected him going in to Seattle game & then he tore his ACL) You had Seattle being giftwrapped a win VS Green Bay by the replacement refs. Which by the way, was a total mess all yr. Those replaccement refs. You had bountygate, which definitely affected the Saints season. Just lots of crazy stuff, that had some role in how the season turned out. Hopefully we get a normal season & see how these teams and QB's do for a full season and with normal refs. Hopefully they all stay healthy as well.
  13. I wasn't impressed with the Comeback, what-so-ever. When your team is getting hammered and all of a sudden, there's an hour stoppage of play because of lights. it completely changes the whole momentum of the game. The 49ers had around 10-11 minutes of the 3rd and all of the 4th, after that Light fiasco. Not saying he isn't good or won't be geat. But lets see the dude play 16 games, before crowning him.
  14. I know it's hard to believe, but Colin Kaepernick was a rookie in 2011, not 2012 like many would make you presume by bunching him in with all the rookies of last yr when discussing the 2012 rookie class. And yes, sitting a yr does help. Lets see what he does, with a full 16 game sled a head of him. That would be wise...Just saying.
  15. Thank you and well said. Kap has like 9 games under his belt now. Lets see what he does with a full season under his belt before claiming he's the greatest. lol Same with Kolb, same with Flynn, etc. Heck, at least RG3, Luck & Wilson earned their stripes. Not to mention kap, even got to sit a year under Smith and learn. NFL Football has a 16 game season. Not 9
  16. RG3 has 1 weakness that I've seen. Durability He's better than Luck, Kap or Wilson in every category. You can spin it how you want, but it's the truth. Lets see RG3 throws 67% completion Doesn't turn the ball over (5 picks & 2 fumbles) Is Clutch (specially in Prime Time Games) 102+ passer rating Took the Redskins crappy offense for as long as i remember, to the 4th best scoring offense in the league at 27.6 pts per game. Only behind the Patriots, Broncos & Saints. Pretty good company he's in, I'd say. lol yea.. Give me Luck or Kap
  17. Yes, having 4 QB's should not surprise anyone. RG3 won't play at all during pre season So that really leaves 3. i actually expect a 5th QB in camp as well. Late rd draft pick or an undrafted QB.
  18. Dallas is cap strapped. They are looking for cap relief. They wan to extend Romo's contract, which will free up some space, but trading Dez would free up some more. Those 2 moves, would probably get them around 10-12 million to spend. (don't forget, they also need money for their draft selections)
  19. So here are the possible rumors then... Victor Cruz Kevin Walter Larry Fitzgerald Dex Bryant **new**
  20. It's either Cruz or Walter(big labowski reference), imo. But question? Would it really take 5 days to iron out the studly contract of kevin Walter or Victor Cruz who probably wants Percy harvin/Mike Wallace money? Think about that... i think it's Victor Cruz.
  21. I think there's a 50% chance it's Cruz, imo. Irsay said they've been working on the deal 5 days in the tweet (now 6) Well guess what...?I believe Cruz was given the 1st rd tender around that same period. And the Giants just signed WR WR Louis Murphy yesterday. (Cruz Replacement?) Coincidence? Possibly But then again...I don't believe in coincidences.
  22. John Goodman as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski =WR Kevin Walter
  23. IMO,Year 2 will be what seperates the men from the boys. What do I mean? Wilson, RG3, Luck and I'll even include Kap here for fun, will have much tougher schedules. Can Wilson repeat what he did last year for a full season? He had a late start, but really turned it on. They also have tough sledding to win tht Division with the 49ers in their way. And we all know the Seahawks are not the same team on the road, as they are at home. Can they A)Go undefeated again at home B)Take out 6 2012 Playoff teams not including the Saints & Giants who will be in the mix for sure. Getting home field throughout the Playoffs, might be must if this team is to make a SB. Will RG3 be healthy enough to play a whole season? He's as consistent as they come. Doesn't turn the ball over and has incredible efficiency. Will he even be ready for Wk-1? The Redskins are slated to net 4 or 5 Prime Time games and that is money for RG3, who's brighter in games the brighter the lights. Will the Redskins be able to surround him with additional Offensive weapons with the cap penalty & no 1st rd pick. Can their defense improve. One thing for sure, with games VS Green Bay, San Fran, Atlanta, Denver and the NFC Beast...they will be battle tested. One of the best rushing attacks in the game. If they find more passing weapons, improve the Defense, hit on the draft & RG3 has a healthy season? They will be an unstoppable machine. But there are many "If's". Kap/Niners is basically similar to Wilson/seattle as he's only played 9 or 10 games total and Wilson came on after about wk-6 or 7. Can he repeat that performace for a whole 16 game season? Will the 49ers find a good backup and will Kap stay healthy for 16 full games....cause...we don't know that yet. Going to be hard to repeat with a tough schedule coming up as well as an improved NFC West. They have a ton of draft picks, so they are definitely reloading. Colts/Luck are very interesting. They won't have that cushion schedule from 2012. Can Chuck Strong coach this same team as well as Bruce Arians did. It's unfortunate, but they are 2 different people with 2 different brains & leadership skills. Can the Colts rally behind Chuck the the coach. They certainly have a tougher schedule for 2013. Can Luck keep those INT's down? One thing going for Indianapolis...Luck certainly has the easier path than the other 3, as that division is abysmal. Luck certainly has the best chance to succeed for his Sophomore campaign. It's going to be difficult for any of the 4 to repeat what they did this last season. Whomever does, is the real deal, imo. (Hopefully all of them) Because teams defenses will be coming and there are no surprises for any of these guys now. This next season will also tell us, if the Pistol formation is for real, as well as the read option play. We will all learn a lot this next season.
  24. Love Joe Montana. Having said that, I go Slingin' Sammy Baugh. Most greatest versatile player of all-time. I draft Sammy, I have a QB, D-back & Punter in 1 pick. I win!
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