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  1. I think Microsoft is running a conspiracy. Google Chrome runs extremely slow on Windows 8. For me at least, but I've been living with it for the past couple moths. Decided to test the waters with IE, and it blows Chrome away. I think they want me to use IE. lol

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    2. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      There really is never a NEED to upgrade. Heck if you're the e-mail/internet only type of guy you probably can run Windows '98, lol.

    3. southwest1


      Stick with an IMAC...PCs are too much of a hassle IMO, but I will admit that I'm biased toward Apple computers. Good luck resolving your dilemma FX.

    4. Coltsince4


      Oh yea I remember why I had to upgrade and (why I shouldn't have)why one day I'll have to upgrade again darn it, because

      my old guitar and bass lesson instruction cd's and dvd's wouldn't load in vista because they were

      98 and now sooner are later something won't load in something else and I'll have to buy something else and on and on. OK now why didn't I think about that way of making money Huhhh???

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