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  1. We still could be getting a guard in the draft so.
  2. What are your opinions on him? He's 28 like Antoine Bethea, and Landry would make it so the former stays at his natural position. We have the cap space, so if they feel he's good enough, they'll get him.
  3. landry is a FA? we should get him the definately! bethea and landry would be awesome!! but we do need another cb also. but if we can get landry we should get him.
  4. usain bolt is 6'5 so umm thats wrong. heehee
  5. if we get a defensive linemen with the first pick, i hope it they select sheldon williams. he can play de with chapman at nt and redding at dt
  6. oh yeah in 2 years i wish we could get dorial green beckham
  7. i really like your picks and free agency except it would be a little better if you put warmack at 2 and put jesse williams at 4 and keep banks at 3 i like banks also.
  8. i really hope we get dion jordan he is athletic and has alot of muscle, that guy can play. he plays the run very very good and can pass rush like a mother trucker.stephan taylor sort of reminds me of jones drew. i think we should get jordan in the first and maybe pick up taylor later
  9. theres worse proble there are worse problems then nnamdi not being thought of as the shutdown corner he was in oakland, but i still think he probably is one just playing in the wrong scheme in philly but if put in the right one he'd succeed like before
  10. hes not really a good coordinator it pisses me off how average he is at it
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