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  1. Is Chad Kelly in the building? It’s time to pull JB for the year, let him take care of that clip board he is so good at doing and give someone else a chance
  2. Can Jim just give Luck a call and say “hey what’s it going to take for you to come back? You have had the entire year off with no rehab.....now it’s time to come back to work.” #2020
  3. What an embarrassment the Colts are and the embarrassment keeps getting worse. At this point all I can say is wow. I don’t want to hear any of those colts players talk about how they were just out played etc, they just plain suck and need to acknowledge that to their fans. Pathetic!!
  4. Well that is the season short of winning out but let’s face it that isn’t going to happen. At best 9-7 or 8-8. It’s been a fairly pathetic year and does anyone really see us beating the Patriots or Ravens, let me answer that NO. Jacoby and Hilton are hurt far worse than is being let on and at this point would probably be best to put them both on IR and let them heal. Tank remainder of season and get a good draft pick.
  5. Need I say more, our season is over.
  6. I definitely don’t think he’s soft, and who knows if it’s depression or what. I feel he really screwed over the Colts as well as the season ticket holders. When you are a professional athlete considering retirement I have to believe this is on your mind longer than just a few weeks. A few weeks after the Pro Bowl is when he should have notified the Organization. This more thank likely would have changed our draft and it would have saved the fans (season ticket holders) a ton of hard earned money. I’m guessing Mr. Luck wasn’t worried about the common hard working family that doesn’t bring home $18 mil a year. Very bush league in my opinion. Lastly I found it disturbing that he really didn’t acknowledge the fans much during his pathetic speech. Oh well time to get behind JB.
  7. Sh**, my bad I looked at the standings wrong. #frustrated
  8. Well at least the Colts did show some promise, but the fat lady had officially sang with a Ravens win over the Chargers. At this point the Colts next two games really don’t mean much. Instead of four preseason games this year the Colts will have six. Time to sit the starters, absolutely zero reason to risk any injuries to Luck, Hilton, Nelson, Castonzo or Ebron. Next year should be much better and shouldn’t have a 1-5 start, nobody else’s fault but the Colts. Really all they needed to do was to win just one of those 5. I know anyone that reads this will say “oh but we have a chance if the Colts win out and the Ravens lose next week”. I will remind everyone that the Ravens host......wait for it........the Browns. Anyone want to take me up on that bet whom will come out victorious? #GoColts20192020.
  9. WOW!!! It doesn’t get much more pathetic than this. At 1-5 the season is all but over, so it is time to pull anyone who is anyone (Luck, Castonzo, Leonard, Hooker, Ebron Nelson and Kelly) the rest are hurt on IR or just not worth it, example TY. I guess all sights must be pointed to next year. Is there a fine or rule if a team just forfeits the remaining games? As up-set as the glass half full fan would be, it would be best in the long run, if the Colts would like to keep Luck around and off IR for another 19 months. I feel horrible for the season ticket holders, going to be another tough road to try and sell those tickets at half the value.
  10. Could we be any worse? Wow what an embarrassment. We really showed those Patriots. All we want to talk about is how they may or may not have deflated footballs (forever ago) or how their assistant coach stiffed us. It doesn’t matter, Pats are still winning and we are still losing and living in the past. At this point, time to bring in Jacoby and not get Luck killed. Colts are wasting Lucks best years. Wouldn’t surprise me if Luck wants out.
  11. The Pats team is filled with a bunch of nobody’s except for Brady but they continue to dominate,
  12. We are PATHETIC!!! This team might be young but come on, they just look really bad. Probably would be best to pull Luck so he doesn’t get killed. So far the results are the same with the new leadership.
  13. Agree!!! The teams we play next year are going to look completely different next season. Look at us, everyone thought that we were going to be one of the top 3 teams in the league coming in to the season. I never take much stock in looking at next years schedule. I mean look at the Panthers, last year I thing they were 8-8, now look at them.
  14. Very well put.......yippie now we get to pick right in the middle of the draft next year (makes me sick). Should have just tanked the season after the first 5 games. I'm not an expert obviously but even I knew the season was over by then.
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