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  1. All of you are too quick on giving up on Thomas and Thornton. Thomas was injured and the Colts didnt think they would have to thrust Thornton into the starting LG spot when we drafted him to play RG. Our starting line will be Castonzo-Thomas-Holmes-Thornton-Cherilus. There is no way in hell Grigson is stupid enough to give up a third rounder for an aging guard. it seems like the minute someone comes on the market you all want him and say "he will improve the team and we can get rid of an in-house guy". Look what happened with Laron Landry, we all thought because he played 16 games as a Jet he'
  2. 1. Mack is way too expensive and so would a high caliber center, Holmes cant be good if he isnt given a chance to work at it. 2. Jonathan Goodwin is way too old and again Holmes will be the starter if given a chance to work at it. People need to stop relying on Free Agency to fill our roster, free agents arent the answer to building a successful roster just look at the Bengals and Seahawks.
  3. Nicks is in the building right now, lets hope he doesn't leave without a contract.
  4. Vontae's deal was 4 years, 39 million with 20 million guaranteed
  5. The only reason Johnson succeeded in Cincy was because of Geno Atkins and Domata Peko taking on double teams. Once Atkins got hurt he was exposed because he was always singled on the outside and thats how he got the qb sacks. without someone taking on double teams he is just another lineman. Plus he is a pure 4-3 DE pass rusher.
  6. The best running came behind McGlynn at center but he is nothing more than depth. The starting line needs to be Castonzo-Thomas-Holmes/draft pick/overprice free agent-Thornton-Cherilus. The offensive line's success comes from the coaches making the right decision and seeing when a lineman sucks but are blinded by the money they are paying him.
  7. With all of this center talk how about we just see what Khaled Holmes can do and if he sucks we just draft a center rather than pay someone a crap ton of money.
  8. Is this even a legit question? The Colts already run a somewhat multiple defense: Mathis had his hand in the dirt like 50% of the time or something like that and Werner also had his hand in the dirt. Its not like the Colts are a strict 3-4 only defense and switching back would only set this defense back farther than what they are now.
  9. Im glad someone agrees with me and sees the truth. with offense, plug and play works but when it comes to defense getting free agent players and making them starters just because you paid them alot of money is stupid. So to reiterate your point, yes we need to copy the strategies of the Bengals, Panthers, and Seahawks and build a team. We dont need to sign Jarius Byrd of Verner, we need to draft a solid 2nd round corner or safety and groom them to eventually start.
  10. This may be off topic but hearing "we should copy the Seahawks" says hey were not good enough to compete with them and lets kiss their butts. didnt the Colts beat the Seahawks? yea they did. How about the Colts just build their own defense just like Zimmer did with the Bengals, who by the way were top 5 on defense and the Panthers built their own defense they were the 2nd best defense. if you want to build a defense you draft them, same with offense. The Bengals have built their team through the draft, offense and defense minus James Harrison. we dont need to sign 26-27 year old guys who will
  11. The Chiefs just released him and he could be depth. I know he is 32 but like i said maybe a depth signing. Thoughts?
  12. sorry i couldnt sleep and just wanted to rant.
  13. i have been on this forum for a while and have noticed no matter what the Colts do they always did something wrong according to people on here. As colts fan we should be supporting the win without out complaining about every little thing. you dont see people complaining about Luck not throwing a TD and Brown having 2 TD's. We had three rushing TD's with Luck being one of those and close to 150 rushing yards. Luck had a flawless game and Fleener finally had the game we needed him to have. Richardson played the role he needed to but still needs to play second fiddle to Brown until next season a
  14. The Redskins have came out and said they are aggresively shopping Fred Davis. Grigson could offer a 7th rounder, condition of a 6th based on playing time. With Allen out we could use a blocking TE who could also become a dump-off guy if needed. Opinions?
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