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  1. I see what you did there.......A few Ravens fans might also.......lol.
  2. Colts win, Patriots lose. All is right in the world.
  3. different issue for a different thread. This ain't about Manusky. My vote would be no. Unless he wore one of Griff's actual game jerseys, that's the only way I want him as DC. That alone would keep the opposing team's QBs eyes off an entire side of the field.
  4. QB and Tebow don't belong in the same sentence.
  5. well, if I were responsible for putting the O line in front of Andrew. If I were the person that picked Pep over Chud. If I were the person that had to sit in front of Irsay and explain how we went from SB contender to where we are now. If I were responsible for all of those things then I may leak a story or 2 just to get some media heat off me. However, I'm not the guy responsible for those things. So I have no idea where the leaks are coming from.
  6. What if we get stuck between the glass half full of wine....... Do we refer to that as the cheese section.
  7. I would like to welcome you back with the same enthusiasm that I welcome back my mother in law. With that said...........What are you doing at my house? I kid, I kid. Just don't take off your coat. As a matter of fact stand here at the door and I will go get whomever your here for.
  8. score more points......that's where I would start.
  9. Let me narrow the list by a few...... 1.) Win......winning cures all ills.
  10. Jules You may want to read my post right above yours. I ain't blaming you, but...............
  11. Instant visual flashback to "Baby Huey" cartoon for those old enough to remember.
  12. Don't really have a favorite on the team. But nothing gets me pumped like Mathis putting on a clinic. Something about watching the opposing team's QB with that fear in his eyes, knowing it's coming, feeling the breath as Mathis creeps closer every down. Watching the panic set in, linemen jumping the snap. Knowing if Robert gets 1 step on them its over. Mathis........Well be darned, I guess I do have a favorite.
  13. Interesting stat, so blame may belong elsewhere. . Ya know, someone is taking the blame. Tell you what,we can blame the next poster after my post. Whomever the next poster is........It's all you fault.........
  14. If I were Andrew Luck..........................I think I would have been benched if I were Andrew. Many of you fans would have lynched RG for drafting 45 year old QB that's runs a 8.0 40 yard dash. I could rain some 15 yard "bombs". 35 yard hail Mary. You ain't seen a spiral till you seen 1 of my spirals. Now back in my heyday, yea I can remember some of the compliments my coaches would give me. Look we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. My mom told me that story a million times as a little boy. Well my coach always called me the tortoise. I remember his exact words. "Sterling.
  15. 27-17 Colts. I have a feeling Gore and Bradshaw are going to have a coming out party..........I hope anyway. Surely Chud realizes you don't throw into the heart of that D if you don't need to. I think we pound the rock early, force the linebackers to respect the run. Draw in the safeties to open up passing lanes to get Andrew out of his funk.
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