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  1. It isn't a non-issue...unless you think that is acceptable. I guess you're just numb to them not being able to stop the run since they've sucked at it forever.
  2. You just tried to make a defense point using Adrian Peterson. lol He's kind of good. Oh, and he only had 15 more rushing yards after that 78 yarder. Since we're counting.
  3. They didn't stop the run. 171 yards says otherwise. Is delusion part of being a Colts fan or something?
  4. They didn't stop the run. QB's aren't supposed to run for over 100 yards. Ketchup.
  5. The Raiders gave your team a reprieve. You should be thankful.
  6. I bet your Corgi can tackle better than half of the Colts defensive players. He would've bitten Pryor's ankles at the very least.
  7. The Bucs should kick Lavonte off the team for that
  8. LOL So the QB running for over 100 yards is a good job? O.k. If you're happy with that, best of luck. Oakland had 171 rushing yards. If that's good, well.....
  9. Colts can't tackle. They can't stop the run. Too many blown assignments. Not too much to be proud of today for the Colts.
  10. Man, Pryor really tore through the Colts defense today. That has to be embarrassing, eh? Truth is, the Colts got lucky today. Raiders are just a bit too raw and inexperienced. But, with Pryor at the helm, at least they will be entertaining to watch.
  11. Year after year after year after year...still the same ol' story with the Colts. They can't tackle or stop the run.
  12. The biggest factor I see between the two that nobody is talking about is the weapons that each QB will have. RG3 will have superior weapons by far as of how things are right now. That could make all the difference at least in the short term.
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