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  1. Houston has played with his hand in the dirt, he will be fine. Going from 3-4 to 4-3 isn’t that big of a deal. It’s when DE go from 4-3 to 3-4 where it can get dicey. OLB switching to 4-3 no longer have to worry about coverage. This is a non issue to me.
  2. People are underestimating how much he actually did when healthy. Keyword there is healthy though. I think he’s much better than some think.
  3. Yikes. Looking like our starting safety opposite of Hooker could be a rookie or Farley.
  4. You’re right. I just got that.
  5. I don’t think we are “set”, definitely could upgrade.
  6. He’s actually been spot on lately. Trae Waynes?
  7. I believe he had a top 5 catch percentage in 2017 but obviously fell off in 2018 but Cam isn’t the most accurate passer. As others have says he tends to catch with his body but that can be hopefully be coached out of him. He has super crisp routes especially for someone his size so I’m really excited for this signing.
  8. Kansas City does not look stronger, they lost some good players and with the controversy surrounding Hill, they might lose him to suspension or release. Browns will contend for their division and arguably are the favorites to do so. We are off to a slow start and it is frustrating even though Ballard has made it clear we won’t overpay but is it overpaying if that’s what the “market” says a players value is? I don’t know if we offered Amos a contract or not but his was very reasonable and would be a major upgrade. Just hope we have another draft like 2018 and not like 2017. Hopefully the 2018 draft hasn’t made Ballard too confident because it could be a 2-3 year setback if we don’t have a strong draft.
  9. Miami just traded Tannehill to Titans. Could they be working on a Jacoby trade? Been crazy silent at W 56th.
  10. According to Pro Football Focus, Brice allowed a passer rating of 150.1 on 29 throws into his primary coverage and missed 12 of 57 tackle attempts. He allowed big plays down the middle of the field and too often swung and missed as an open-field tackler. Of the 93 safeties in the NFL that played 300 or more snaps last season, Brice ranked 87th in overall grade at PFF.
  11. Packers have been great with their pickups. Amos is going to be a stud for them and his contract is not outrageous like Collins. Both Smiths are great additions to that defense too. Excited to see how they do this year.
  12. 1st. 3rd and Peppers I originally read this as a 1,2,3 and peppers. 1,3 and Peppers isn’t that bad
  13. It’s not just a few bucks we are talking about. It’s millions. That was my point.
  14. That ring won’t pay for your retirement, we’ve seen many broke athletes auction theirs off. I will never criticize someone for doing what’s right for their family/future. NFL is crazy, it can all end in one play.
  15. Don’t think this is going to make those people feel any better. This exact post has been said over and over and over That’s almost as crazy as people thinking Ballard is going to pay big money for a free agent.
  16. What? Rap reported he was going to Bills while this guy was saying Raiders.
  17. he followed up this tweet saying there’s a hidden message. He reported Brown to Raiders days b4 it was “official”
  18. I actually reallllly like Funchess. He will ball with Luck. It will be another Ebron scenario
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