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      since original sites format , and threw all the transitions,<strong> My </strong>pain stakenly put together huge body of work in the  <strong>about me section</strong> Re  Colt info,  pictures, links, &  videos that was  moved with each site change to site change  -  <strong>was</strong> <strong>all lost on this sites Dec 14, 2012 software update</strong> without any advance notice.


    <strong>NOTE</strong> - <strong>this was not the moderators fault</strong>, they had no idea this could even occur or were warned in any way ,shape or form, Moderators are great and no ill will is held against them for the loss of all my years of accumulated  work 

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      going to see the 2 that are left of MC  5  in Oct, cant wait for them to yell KICK OUT THE JAMES   & the words that were stripped from the album and would be nothing today


      Had the album that was uncensored, Then again way back then they did a short Version of The Door's Light My Fire on the radio , today the full version is classic and considered so light on suggestion, Man talk about changing of the TIMES -


      it is Walt right ?

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