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  1. Had my yearly trip ( only 2nd 1 )  to my Brother and sister in law ( where i stayed ) ,&  both nephews, and 1 with 3 kids that is 2 great nieces and 1 great nephew- all live close to each other


    TERRIFIC TIME , only to short due to my issues and took  all could handle and the kids can run u ragged


    Ate at some great restaurants in and around Richmond, Va , this 1 Chinese place run by & called Peter Chang's who was cook at the Chinese Embassy in DC for like 5 years so u know it was good . He was hand picked  from China to be the cook a stayed here


    I could go on was truly fantastic and worth every effort- No way will i let those little ones grow up without them knowing me in person and also spoiling them a bit


    The hugs they gave me on arrival alone were so long they were dragging me down to the floor and that alone was worth the trip



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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      So glad to read this Barry!  You are a wonderful person and one that I feel honored to call a "friend".

    3. southwest1


      Chinese foods, hugs from family members you don't see everyday, & total exhaustion. Yep, sounds like an eventful holiday Barry. 

    4. bayone


      Chinese was dinner, lunch sushi = oriental day


      also was truly  phenomenal sea food dinner


      Great Italian dinner with ingredients and chef straight from Naples


      various others just cant remember what when etc



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