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  1. Mike Chappell ‏@mchappell51 Nothing official at all, but getting the impression #colts TE Dwayne Allen could be ready for start of reg. season. That would ease concerns
  2. Dallen83 @Dallen83 Have to sit this one out but Im confident Ill be back out on the field very soon! Excited to watch the new additions perform & hopefully win a job! #Coltstrong #BTM #HOISTIT #3p's Hopefully his definition of very soon and my definition of very soon are the same.
  3. We went today and my wife couldn't bring in her small purse, so we had to lock it in the car before we could go in. Also, we got autographs at the end of practice. A few players came out to sign, and it really wasn't all that hard to get in to get an autograph. McAfee, Overton, Fleener, Ballard, Viniateri, Whalen, and a few more came out to sign. I didn't see Luck signing today. Fleener had a pretty good sized group around him, but the rest were easy to get to.
  4. I have both, but for some reason any blue jersey I get the player isn't on the team the next season (Garcon, Collie, Sanders) so I went with a White Luck jersey lol.
  5. Bob McGinn ‏@BobMcGinn #Colts began free agency with third-most cap space in the NFL at $37.5M. Erik Walden said the guaranteed portion of his deal was about $4M. I don't know who Bob McGinn is, but apparently Walden says that only $4 million is guaranteed...makes me feel better.
  6. Hoe long until we get the little flip smartphone so everyone can be like Andrew lol.
  7. Awesome video. I had chills as well...this season was just awesome! Can't wait for next season!
  8. Did you miss his coffin corner punt this year that led to an interception for a TD?
  9. Well...I don't have any "classics" since I'm only 21, but I have a Bob Sanders and Garcon jersey stashed in my closet.
  10. Arians said Christmas Eve is what they are shooting for on the Pagano show on Monday.
  11. ...I'm ashamed to admit it, but yes it is. I was a huge Donald Brown fan when he was at UConn, and was happy to see him come to Indy. Obviously, he hasn't panned out like I thought he would, but he's still not terrible. Indy3117 has been my go to username for fantasy football and other sites for awhile now, so I just kept it. Maybe I should change it to Indy1213 or Indy1287 lol.
  12. That makes more sense now. Thanks for the explanation, I wasn't aware of the 8 week waiting period to return to play.
  13. Seth Olsen...seems like there could have been somebody more important than him to bring back.
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